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Diary of a Crush

by Sarra Manning

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It's sizzling summertime, and Edie can't wait for the partying to start. Trying to forget about the dastardly Dylan, Edie's taking her new squeeze Carter to the Glastonbury music festival to have some fun. But guess who's there already, looking totally gorgeous? That's right . . .

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ISBN: 1558614540
8 of 10 Votes: 6

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...ke charge. 'There's this old ruined abbey halfway to the moors that we should go to,' he announced suddenly, sitting up straight. 'You'll love it, it's all Gothicky Revivaly.' He shot me a slightly evil smile and yay me because I managed to roll my eyes rather than do what I normally do which is turn bright red and start hyper-ventilating. 'OK, whatever,' I mumbled. 'I've got to work on Saturday so let's do it Sunday week,' Dylan continued. He was being very take charge, which was quite impressive. If I have to organise a cinema outing, it usually takes me at least a day to decide what film I should go and see. 'I'll come round yours for about one and then we can drive up there,' he said. All I could think about was that Dylan was going to drive me, in his car, to an old, ruined abbe...