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by Robert B. Parker

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Strangely enough, the idea of a proper role model is the crux of Parker’s latest novel. Zebulon Sixkill is a malformed individual and wannabe tough guy. He’s a bodyguard to Jumbo Nelson, a comedic Hollywood success story who is an absolute waste as a person. Jumbo embodies nearly all of the Seven Deadly Sins in his corpulent person and triggers a gag factor in me on nearly every page he’s on stage.

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ISBN: 0425246906
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...urnovers do you suppose those are?" I said. "Usually some raspberry and some apple," Morrison said. "Two of my faves," I said. "What are the others?" Morrison said. "Blueberry, strawberry, cherry, pineapple, peach, apricot, mince, blackberry, boysenberry . . ." "Okay, okay," Morrison said. "I get it." "Worst turnover I ever had was excellent," I said. "Like sex," Morrison said. "There's no such thing," I said, "as a bad turnover." Morrison nodded. He looked at Z. "Jumbo sees you on the set, Z," Morrison said, "he'll throw a shit fit." "Eek!" Z said. Morrison nodded. "Seemed like I ought to mention it," he said. "You know a man named Tom Lopata?" I said. "It was his daughter . . . wasn't it?" I nodded. A big guy wearing a cutoff Red Sox T-shir...