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Maeve Binchy

When Noel learns that his terminally ill former flame is pregnant with his child, he agrees to take guardianship of the baby girl once she’s born. But as a single father battling demons of his own, Noel can’t do it alone. Fortunately, he has a competent, caring network of friends, family and neighbors: Lisa, his unlucky-in-love classmate, who moves in with him to help him care for little Frankie around the clock; his American cousin, Emily, always there with a pep talk; the newly retired Dr. Hat, with more time on his hands than he knows what to do with; Dr. Declan and Fiona and their baby son, Frankie’s first friend; and many eager babysitters, including old friends Signora and Aidan and Frankie’s doting grandparents, Josie and Charles.

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Miss Mapp

This is a nice and funny book describing the life of Miss Mapp who governs a small English village called Tilling. There are not many inhabitants there and the lady who is very intelligent has the power to manipulate them, make them do some expected things. Every character in this village is very bright and easy-to-remember. Among them it is worth to mention the greatest rival of Miss Mapp's Diva and the local artist Irene who does not really like the main character often embarrassing her. We also meet Vicar who is bright for his way of talking as in his speech he mixes Shakespearian English and Burnsian dialect. The novel starts with the description of a bridge party that takes place at Poppit's house. Such parties are often organized in the village and they are the main place of social life. Miss Mapp uses bridge to see other people's weaknesses and to keep in mind the ways of her possible future manipulations. The author Edward Benson does a great job in showing the smallest details of everyday life in Tilling. For example, he describes the opposition of Miss Mapp and Diva who want to be better-dressed. There is also a respected and the most handsome man name Mr. Wyse for whose attention almost all women are struggling. And of course, it is not possible to imagine a small village without gossiping where Miss Mapp takes an active part. The book is wonderfully written with the help of simple and ironic language. It will keep you smiling and laughing when you dive into it.

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my air ships

A book of a man that dreamed air-ships, planned air-ships, and read about aerial navigation since his early childhood, the Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont. An early pioneer of aviation, a hero, a genius, and a visionary, he designed, built, and flew the first practical dirigible balloons, demonstrating that routine, controlled flights were possible. This conquest of the sky made him one of the world famous people during the early 20th century. In “My Airships” the author tells us the story of his life and work, beginning with the coffee plantation of his father, an engineer in his past. His first balloon and air-ship, winning of the Deutsch Prize, how it feels to navigate the air – all this will surely be captivating for those who are interested in the history of machinery, as well as just an inquisitive reader. Besides, this book appeals to us as a vivid description of the epoch.

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Mike and Psmith

"Mike And Psmith" is one of the comedies written by Wodehouse. This is an amazing novel that has freshness and innocence about it that is extremely touching. Nowadays, at the times of unchecked murders and unclear elections, "Mike and Psmith" is as sunny and cheerful a book as you would like to read. Wodehouse skillfully described the characters, particularly Psmith's character is notable, and his mannerism and ingenuity make one laugh. Although, this is not the funniest novel written by Wodehouse, it is still hilarious. Wodehouse's English is so nicely crafted ,that it makes the novel bright, amazing and charming.

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mademoiselle de maupin

“Mademoiselle de Maupin” is an unambiguous glorification of Beauty, both of the physical and artistic worlds, written by Pierre Jules Théophile Gautier (1811 – 1872). The book used to have a reputation of a shocking Dirty French Novel, though, many consider, there is not a hint of vulgarity even in a sexual scene. It is a love story of men and women, as well as a wonderful comedy of manners and sexual politics.
The author’s style of writing appears to be somewhat confusing, captivating the reader by unexpected changing of the point of view, from which the narration is continued from chapter to chapter. The novel is full of vivid, extensive descriptions, sometimes charming humor and social satire.

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Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard

Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard is a chain of fairy tales written by Eleanor Farjeon in a good spirit of Britain. The main topic of the stories is romance framed in a strange but fascinating plot. Farjeon is widely recognized as a well-known author with creative thoughts whose works are full of charm and skill. You read her short-stories very quickly as they are really fascinating and encompassing. The children between 10 and 12 years old will be happy if their parents read this book to them aloud. Moreover, this is not only a fairy tale but also a wonderful funny book with a plenty of amusing scenes. You cannot help smiling when you read about a little pig who receives a magic gift of being always skinny. Besides, the book also tells us about a good and beautiful woman who turns up to be evil. Eventually a strong man saves her.

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McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader, Revised Edition

Since 1836 these books with exotic adventures, carrying away tales, beautiful poems and amusing fables have attracted children. he First Eclectic Reader contains stories, word lists and phonics charts.

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memoirs of service afloat during the war between the states

This book written by a lawyer Raphael Semmes who served in navy forces during the Civil war reveals his conception of the part of the American history. The author takes a difficult task to explain why there were so many misunderstandings and contradictories between the North and the South states which led to the American civil war. He fights for his opinion stating that it was the question of civil rights and not slavery as everyone is used to think that led to the war between the South and the North. Semmes applies all his knowledge that he possesses as a lawyer to show the insight of the political situation of that period. He also considers why US navy officers who served during the Civil were are not recorded and remembered. The author provides a thorough course of events taking place at first in Annapolis and New Orleans and then in the South Pacific and Gibraltar and finally to the coast of France. When reading his story, we ask ourselves a question: why people like him were forgotten? Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III. FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOWN TO 1830, BOTH THE NORTH AND THE SOUTH HELD THE CONSTITUTION TO BE A COMPACT BETWEEN THE STATES. ONE of the great difficulties in arguing the question of the relative power of the States and of the Federal Government, consists in the fact that the present generation has grown up under the shadow of the great Federal monster, and has been blinded by its giant proportions. They see around them all the paraphernalia and power of a great government ? its splendid capital, its armies, its fleets, its Chief Magistrate, its legislature, and its judiciary ? and they find it difficult to realize the fact, that all this grandeur is not self-created, but the offspring of the States. When our late troubles were culminating, men were heard frequently to exclaim, with plaintive energy, " What ! have we no government capable of preserving itself? Is our Government a mere rope of sand, that may be destroyed at the will of the States ?" These men seemed to think that there was but one government to be preserved, and that that was the Government of the United States. Less than a century had elapsed since the adoption of the Constitution, and the generation now on the theatre of events had seemingly forgotten, that the magnificent structure, which they contemplated with so much admiration, was but a creature of the States; that it had been made by them for their convenience, and neces- saiily held the tenure of its life at sufferance...

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mutual aid a factor of evolution

A book by Peter Kropotkin, Russian historian, geographer and anarchist posit, is an introduction to anarchist communism. It is probably the one of his most widely read works, being a work of popular science, refuting the misuse of evolutionary theory. Kropotkin discusses and debunks with hard evidence the various myths, which have arisen about Mutual Aid. So, on reading the book, written in response to distortions of Darwin, it will become clear that it is considered to be important by both anarchists and non-anarchists. Suffice it to say, “Mutual Aid” is the innovative work of an outstanding scientist who also happened to be the notable anarchist thinker of his time.

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The "prince of paradox", Gilbert Keith Chesterton, was one of the most influential English writers of the 20th century. The hero of this book, Innocent Smith, have travelled around the world to experience the delight of discovery and returned home. As well as the author himself having passed over all paths of thought, got back to his initial faith. Smith rains down on the world flaws of his cheerfulness and buoyancy for people to recall what it means – to be happy.
A peculiar “angel of joy” sent to help his lost-hearted contemporaries.

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