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Strange Visitors

Do you believe in UFO? That we are not alone in the Galaxy, that with us in this world live another substances and spirits?.. Marvels are around us, we shouldn’t forget about it… These are not just words and fairy-tales, many people saw Them, news reported on strange things that can’t be explained by common laws, and they happen everywhere… we live in the world of wonders, remember about that and open your eyes…

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Lo, Michael!

A homeless stray Michael was wandering about New York back streets and avenues when he saw Starr Endicott and saved her risking his own life. This changed everything. Starrs father got so thankful to Michael that he sent him to a fine school where Michael grew up and became well-educated. Now he is back in New York and wishes to returns the kindness of Starrs father and help the street children with whom he spent the first years of his life. Michael meets Starr again, looks at her and hopelessly falls in love with her. However, he does not think that he is worth her so does not try to move their relationship forward until a mean and intriguing suitor forces Michael to risk everything once again...

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The Cat of Bubastes

George Alfred Henty was an English novelist of the 19th century and is best known for his historical adventure stories.
“The Cat of Bubastes, A Tale of Ancient Egypt”, published in 1889, is a historical novel for youngsters, relating of a young enslaved prince, who becomes the servant and companion of the son of the high priest of Osiris; he involuntary kills a sacred animal and is forced to escape. The action takes place in Egypt of the 1250 b.c., the oldest time period of any of the Henty novels.. Creating vivid pictures of domestic life, customs, religion, and military system, the author transport the readers into the atmosphere of ancient Egypt. Moreover, this thrilling adventure touches upon Judeo-Christian themes, which are revealed throughout the novel.

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reading literature the primer

Reading literature the primer was published in 1910 for the first time and since then it has been re-published many times as it gained a great popularity. The main goal of the book is to teach children to read and to love reading and literature. Also it would be useful for everyone who has children or works with them. The vocabulary of Reading literature the primer is quite easy and pretty small: it contains about 200 words. Such a method is aimed on children to read the adaptation of the stories, get interested in them and then read the real stories. The book includes nine most famous stories: The Little Red Hen, The Gingerbread Boy, The Old Woman and the Pig, The Boy and the Goat, The Pancake, Chicken Little, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Tuppens, and Little Spider’s First Web. It is also illustrated with black and white pictures which appeals to children.

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Against the Grain

Having rejected the vulgarity of the French upper class and all the human society a single character of the book founds his retreat in a quiet countryside mansion and dedicates himself to meditation and interior decoration. Joris-Karl Huysmans, the author, was an outstanding member of the Decadent movement and proponent of Naturalism. “Against the Grain, also known as “Against Nature”, is in some way a dispute of human ingenuity and nature and a reproduction of the stirred and confusing period in history. It became inspirer of what later became known in England as the Tragic Generation.Moreover, the novel is a peculiar exhibition, presenting descriptions of the Duke’s collection, including four entire chapters devoted to his library.

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Aunt Jane of Kentucky

Eliza Calvert Hall was not only an author of fiction but a poet, essayist, folk art historian, and passionate advocate of suffrage and women's rights. As she fought with the timeless problems of work and motherhood, her attempts to heed both the call of her art and her duty to family often left her anxious and frustrated. The fictional world she created, with serene "Aunt Jane" at its center, was therefore all the more remarkable.
Aunt Jane is Eliza Calvert Hall's most unforgettable character. She was a usual old woman from Kentucky. At first time she appeared in the story "Sally Ann's Experience" dressed in a purple calico dress with a white kerchief tied around her throat. The pockets of her gingham apron always had a piece of knitting or some other handiwork. Her cap was a "substantial structure that covered her whole head and was tied securely under her chin." Her voice was a "sweet old treble with a little lisp, caused by the absence of teeth, and her laugh was as clear and joyous as a young girl's."

While hearing about the colorful characters she has known, we also learn that Aunt Jane enjoyed a companionable, egalitarian marriage to her husband Abram, now dead. She also had two brothers, and they both were killed in the Civil War, and at least some of her children have also predeceased her. She occasionally sees her adult grandchildren but prefers staying at home, contentedly sewing her quilts, tending her garden and recollecting people and places from her past. Unafraid to speak her mind, she is nevertheless an incurable optimist, accepting change gracefully and seeing all the good and bad in her long life balancing out for the best--in many ways, the opposite of her opinionated, care-worn and often unhappy creator.
Aunt Jane is a wonderful character. Reading this book you really feel like you are in the room with her, listening to her share memories as only she can. There are several references to clothes and traditions that seem unfamiliar and sometimes unknown to us now, but not so much that the reader couldn't figure them out and enjoy the stories. This book is not only a book about the past of the United States, it is a view into everyday life in the 1800's. Aunt Jane is wise and funny and the characters she describes in the book come to life. Sometimes their lives seem to be easy and careless, but sometimes they don’t. "Aunt Jane of Kentucky" is a book, in which every page has a real life advice. Besides, everyone who is tired of modern non-stop life, will definitely enjoy reading "Aunt Jane of Kentucky", a book describing ordinary life, when people could love and valued what they had. Reading this book is like diving into childhood, when everything seemed so simple and light. Witty phrases and cute and sometimes naive characters will charm you as soon as you open the book. "Aunt Jane of Kentucky" is a classic, that needs to be read.

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our southern highlanders a narrative of adventure in the southern appalachians

This is a story about adventure in the southern Appalachians and a study of life about the mountaineers. Horace Kephart is the one most responsible for the existence of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park spanning the North Carolina and Tennessee border. Using all of his journals, he wrote about observations of the mountains and people during his 10 years of travels through the Appalachians. Kephart shows the Southern Appalachian Mountaineers as they were, and in some cases, as they still are. Author’s approach is balanced. He illustrating the people's good and not-so-good characteristics with facts and different stories. He gives historical and topological frameworks for the character of mountain people. For several years he lived among them, and that’s why his story is extremely realistic and true. The book is a great help in understanding people of mountains, learning their customs and traditions.

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prolegomena to the study of greek religion

Prolegomena to the study of Greek religion is written by one of the founders of studying Greek religion and mythology Jane Ellen Harrison. In this research she makes a careful study of the festivities of ancient Greek religion with the goal to find out the roots and fundamentals of rituals and them being present in the classical religion and literature. The preface of this famous book states that J. G. Frazer has made a great contribution to her research and influenced as well the works of many other researches of religion. Our contemporary academics who examines ancient myths or rituals can say the same words about Jane Harrison. Her thoughts set in the Prolegomena have not lost their importance and innovation.

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Through the Eye of the Needle

Do you like Utopias?.. Then you have made the right choice. The book you have now is the third one in trilogy about Alturia. This time again the author chose the form of epistolary novel – the main character writes letters to his friend Cyril. He is a resident of Alturia – Utopian community in California. How is it to live there?.. Let’s have a look at Homos’ letters. There is no money in Alturia, so citizens have already forgotten the meanings of words «rich» and «poor». They don’t have to save as they can get everything they need any time. They don’t have to work hard – the workload is shared so that three hours a day is enough and even these little hours are turned into merry, lovely process. Want to find out more? Want to live in this paradise on Earth as well?..

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faery lands of the south seas

Hall James Norman is an American author of the beginning of the 20th century. The participant of the World War I, he describes the post-war time and situation of the East Pacific, and being attached to this land, portraits his first acquaintance with French Polynesia. This story is one of his classic adventure travel ones.

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