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a ladys life in the rocky mountains

"A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains" by Isabella L Bird (1831 - 1904) represents a series of the author’s letters to her sister, written during her journey to Colorado. In a six-month period of time she covered over a thousand miles alone, riding a horse, often without any appointed destination. The book is actually a detailed record of this fascinating experience filled with beautiful, vivid descriptions of the scenery, the people she met, their way of life. Among others was "Rocky Mountain Jim" Nugent, a rough man, whom she portrayed as an "awful looking a ruffian as one could see”, but who became her guide and companion, and appears in the book in a romantic outlook. A well brought-up young lady, she rode through the American West, wearing Hawaiian riding dress, climbed mountains and helped with grazing.

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Elementary agricultural chemistry; a handbook for junior agricultural students and farmers

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International review of the science and practice of agriculture 7, pt. 2 1916

Vols. for 1916-Mar. 1924 published by the Institute's Bureau of Agricultural Intelligence and Plant Diseases; Apr. 1924-Dec. 1926 by its Bureau of Agricultural Science Vols. for 1927-1928 issued as extracts from: International review of agriculture (Rome, Italy : 1927) Merged with: International review of agricultural economics, to form: International review of agriculture (Rome, Italy : 1927) Shelved with: Bulletin of the Bureau of Agricultural Intelligence and of Plant-Diseases -- Monthly bulletin of agricultural intelligence and of plant diseases

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The blot upon the brain, studies in history and psychology


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Bunjevci i Šokci u Bačkoj, Baranji i Lici: (istorija, etnografija, kultura, društvo, brojno i ...

Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

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The Morning Gift

Twenty-year-old Ruth Berger is desperate. The daughter of a Jewish-Austrian professor, she was supposed to have escaped Vienna before the Nazis marched into the city. Yet the plan went completely wrong, and while her family and fiancé are waiting for her in safety, Ruth is stuck in Vienna with no way to escape. Then she encounters her father’s younger college professor, the dashing British paleontologist Quin Sommerville. Together, they strike a bargain: a marriage of convenience, to be annulled as soon as they return to safety. But dissolving the marriage proves to be more difficult than either of them thought—not the least because of the undeniable attraction Quin and Ruth share.

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The Farseekers

In this powerful sequel to Obernewtyn, young Elspeth Gordie-possessed of extraordinary mental powers-has united with others Misfits for refuge on the remote mountain keep of Obernewtyn. Yet the threat from the totalitarian Council to their safety is ever present. Their only defense is to work hard to develop their mental powers before an inevitable confrontation.

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trans styx and other strains

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first love and other stories

Works of Ivan Turgenev, famous Russian author of the 19th century, are permeated by the romantic view of the world and people. Though not always strong in their acts and deeds, the heroes of his stories strike the reader by their thoughts and feelings, make us emphasize or compassionate. The author tells of love, as of the most beautiful, high feeling, eternal human value; of serfdom, depicting life of a peasant, often a man of high moral ideals. Some of Turgenev works are devoted to the phenomenon of a superfluous man, a character, doomed to a failure in attempts to be useful for native land, but whose rich inner world triumphs over superficial gloss of high life.
This collection of stories includes "First Love," "Asya," "Mumu," "The Diary of a Superfluous Man," "Song of Triumphant Love," and "King Lear of the Steppes."

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the gentleman from san francisco and other stories

Gentleman from San Francisco, whose name isn’t even mentioned throughout the story, sets off accompanied by his wife and daughter for the Old World. He worked hard and became rich enough to permit himself such time of rest.
That is the beginning of the story unravelled by Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin, an outstanding Russian writer and poet, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1933. The action of his story “Gentleman from San Francisco” takes place on a large passenger ship, which is bound from America to Europe; and the protagonist, an elderly man, dies during this journey. With the aid of this simple story Bunin reveals his attitude to capitalistic society, of which the ship appears to be a model. The hold and the upper deck live completely different lives; rich passengers forget about the powerful ocean outside the ship, about God and death, deceive themselves by false love. By the example of the protagonist the author tells of emptiness and uselessness of a typical capitalist; whose death foreshadows death of the whole this unjust world.

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