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Crónicas potosinas; costumbres de la edad medieval hispano-americana 2

Book digitized by Google from the library of the New York Public Library and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Originally published as a series of Articles concerning "Alto Perú" i. e. Bolivia, in "La Revista de Buenos Aires", 1865-1871

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On the Art of Writing

This slender volume is the book that began Helene Hanff's journey - a path that led eventually to her writing the 84, ‘Charing Crossroad’ series. This is a book about the master who taught Helene Hanff. This series of lectures, delivered in England more than nine decades ago, sparkles with a dry wit that is utterly endearing. No wonder his students loved him. This book is not that easy as it may seem at first sight. His challenge to his students, put forth in the first lecture, was to become a person of unmistakable intellectual breeding, whose trained judgment we can trust to choose the better and reject the worse.

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Blood Rites

I haven't actually finished yet but I'll update this after.

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Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch is an outstanding writer known for such splendid novels as Dead Man's Rock (1887), Troy Town (1888) and The Splendid Spur (1889). Moreover, for some time he worked as a journalist and literary critics giving recommendations of how to make reading more effective and useful. Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch is also known as a romantic poet and this book of his is a collection of his poems which have been read by many generations of readers with great pleasure.

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the witches of new york

The Witches of New York is devoted to the life in the New York City during Victorian epoch. It is written mainly in humor way with a number of funny scenes. But it would be totally wrong to view this book only as a collection of funny sketches. Here it is possible to find a lot of information about physics, astrologists and fortune-tellers of that time. So the book is not only entertaining but also interesting and informative.

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On The Art of Reading

On The Art of Reading is an important and very successful book intended for those who educate themselves via reading. It would also be useful for people who want to broaden their knowledge in a particular field, for example, in the American history. The book contains recommendations and advice on how to read effectively so that you remember most of the facts and so that the reading brings you only pleasure and never bores you.

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alexander in india a portion of the history of quintus curtius

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figures of the past from the leaves of old journals

Figures of the past from the Leaves of Old Journals is a wonderful autobiographical story which belongs to the pen of Josiah Quincy. The author describes the events that happened during his life between 1772-1864. The story is very bright and the characters are charming and it is wonderful to realize that they were real people. The book is definitely recommended to all readers who are interested in the life of wealthy people of the 18th century and who want to dive into the society of that time.

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The Vigil of Venus and Other Poems by "Q"

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

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Memoir of the Life of John Quincy Adams.

The ensuing Memoir comprises the most important events in the life of a statesman second to none of his contemporaries in laborious and faithful devotion to the service of his country. The light attempted to be thrown on his course has been derived from personal acquaintance, from his public works, and from authentic unpublished materials. The chief endeavor has been to render him the expositor of his own motives, principles, and character, without fear or favor,--in the spirit neither of criticism or eulogy.

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