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why johnny cant read and what you can do about it

This is the classic book on phonics – the method of teaching children to read. Using this book makes teaching to read easy for parents and fun for their children. Spending even no more 15 minutes a day going through exercises will definitely result in great reading skills of your child. Once the kid learns how to read, he will be able to quickly progress on his own. Very soon reading will become easy and enjoyable for your children. The book contains complete and detailed instructions on how to teach children to read at home. "Why Johnny Can’t Read And What You Can Do About It" has already proved its efficiency, and that’s the reason it’s recommended by the U.S. Department of Education.

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the silence of god

The book written by Sir Robert Anderson who was a famous theologian is dealing with the question of the God's role in the life of the world and why He has been silent for two thousand years. The author studies the progress in the development of the religion and the place it took in people's lives. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER IX IN Christ's grand and simple creed, expressed in His plainest words, eternal life was the assured inheritance of those who loved God with all their hearts, who loved their neighbours as themselves, and who walked purely, humbly, and beneficently while on earth. In the Christian sects and churches of today, in their recognised formularies and elaborate creeds, all this is repudi-ated as infantine and obsolete; the official means and purchase-money of salvation are altogether changed; eternal life is reserved for those, and for those only, who accept, or profess, a string of metaphysical propositions conceived in a scholastic brain and put into scholastic phraseology" To any one who aims at having clear thoughts and well-based beliefs nothing is more helpful than adverse criticism. Hence the value of the words here quoted. They may be taken, moreover, as expression of opinions of a large and important class by whom the writer, though no longer with us, may still be claimed as a champion and representative...

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Bab: a Sub-Deb

In Chapter III called HER DAIRY the main character receives a diary from home. It is New Year's Eve with clear and cold weather. Her New Year dinner consists of roast chicken, mashed turnips, sweet potatoes and minse pie. The main character wants to record her daily events, daily thoughts and ambitions and daily life in the diary because she cannot talk to anyone else. Most of her friends either exist for the mere pleasures of the day or a bound up in resitations. Girls from Far West talk during the New Year dinner about buying a phonograph for dancing as their music teacher is sick with measles. Another example is Miss Everett who used to tell everyone that her cousin had written a play but in fact her appearance shows that no cousin of hers could write a play. The character thoughts about New Year Resolution and wants to help someone every day. Today she helped Mademoiselle with putting on her rubers. On January 2 the main character writes her French theme starting with such words "Les hommes songent moins a leur Ante qu a leur corps." Mademoiselle considers that this is not a theme for a young girl. So she writes a new one about pears. And of course, she thinks a lot about love trying to share her thoughts with the diary. She complains that presumably love has passed by her. She has had some offers of devotion but they were not what she was looking for because they most were either too young or not attractive...

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Barriers Burned Away

Barriers Burned Away was written by Edward Payson Roe, one of the most popular American writers and novelists of all times. This book, published in 1873, was his first work which brought him a great success. The plot is strained and keeps the readers attentive and even a bit thrilled. It narrates about the real historical event as most of the novels creates by Roe: about the Chicago Fire and the troubles it created for ordinary people. The author does a great job not only in describing the tragedy of a fire but also in depicting the conflict between two main heroes. The book was so popular that in the 1930s the movie based on the events of this novel was shot.

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Let's All Kill Constance

On a dismal evening, an unnamed writer in Venice, California, answers a furious pounding at his beachfront bungalow door -- and once again admits a dangerous icon into his life. Constance Rattigan, an aging, once-glamorous Hollywood star, stands soaked and shivering in his foyer, clutching two anonymously delivered books that have sent her running in fear from something she dares not acknowledge: twin lists of the Tinseltown dead and soon-to-be dead . . . with Constance's name included among them.

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

A great mystery filled with suspense. A very original story line.

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Iron Crowned

Shaman-for-hire Eugenie Markham is the best at banishing entities trespassing in the mortal realm. But as the Thorn Land’s queen, she’s fast running out of ways to end the brutal war devastating her kingdom. Her only hope: the Iron Crown, a legendary object even the most powerful gentry fear…

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Glass Houses - Morganville Vampires

This is an amazing book, a great start to the series, it's got me hooked into the whole Morganville Vampires series.

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three preludes for organ


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the son of neptune

its awesome

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