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aryan sun myths the origin of religions

This wonderful book researches different mythologies of the sun from the ancient Sumeria till the Christianity. The author claims that most of holidays connected with the sun in Christianity originated as myths in ancient cultures. It explains why so many religions before Christianity had the same sun myths and different sun gods for representation of them. The author is convinced that Christianity with its appearance also borrowed various facts from the sun myth story.This process was quite long and sometimes even painful. The way Sarah Elizabeth Titcomb depicts the first sun myths is really fascinating. She is not claiming that Jesus himself was a complete myth but she insists that the certain mythologies made their contribution to His images, although there are no direct proof to it. Titcomb, though, does a wonderful job when finding and applying precious evidence to determine this.

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chasing the flame sergio vieira de mello and the fight to save the world

Sergio Vieira de Mello from Brazil was the embodiment of what the United Nations could and should be. Sergio was the UN Secretary General's "ultimate go-to guy", a nation builder in the world's hottest spots like East Timor, Cambodia, Kosovo. Everyone who met him - from George W. Bush to Slobodan Milosevic – were amazed by his intelligence, physical bearing, charisma and integrity. It was a total shock for the world public when he and 14 other UN staff were killed on August 19th 2003 by an al-Qeada suicide bomber at the ‘Canal Hotel’ in Baghdad, an event that has become known as the UN's "9/11". This biography is extremely thrilling and considered to be a masterpiece of journalistic writing. Excellent, well-written book that is a definite must read.

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Five Little Peppers Abroad

The Five Little Peppers is a chain of stories narrating about the life of the Peppers during seventeen years who are not very rich and who have to work a lot but they have a wonderful spirit and a good attitude to the life. This is very special in the book. Many events take place in Five Little Peppers Abroad to the main characters Mamsie and her five children – Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie and Phronsie. Everyone in the family takes care of the other members making surprises for them. The children go to school, school, travel abroad, but no matter where they are they have a big heart and look at the life with a big smile.

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The Defence of Duffer's Drift

The Defence of Duffer's Drift is a book written by Major General Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton, who was an eyewitness of several wars and moreover Lieutenant during the Second Boer War (1899-1902). In the book he gives a detailed account of the event, mostly describing the tactics used while defending the river crossing by 50 men of an infantry. He summarizes the war’s resume not omitting faults and mistakes that enemies never forgive. Swinton gives lessons, so thoroughly explaining every action and using special war terms that the reader can learn much from that.

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towards a metrics suite for object oriented design

The book deals with the process of software development and the role of information technology focusing on the special role of the improvement in the software development area. Due to the progress demands a great quantity of new and improved approaches appeared. The authors consider that object-orientation (OO) is the most popular among them. Moreover, the book focuses on the problems of measurement and metrics. It gives an insight to the ways of how managers use metrics for process improvement.

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Abraham Lincoln

Richard Henry Stoddard (1825 - 1903), an American poet and critic, became the author of a classic poem about the life of Abraham Lincoln. It is a poetical tribute to this American president, a picture of his personality and contribution to the history of the country.

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on the field of glory an historical novel of the time of king john sobieski

Do not let pass this patriotically and beautifully written book of a Polish writer of the second half of the nineteenth century Henryk Sienkiewicz, the 1905 Nobel Prize winner. On the Field of Glory, his last published book, starts with dramatic events in the heart of Poland. The miraculous rescue, a love-story, absorbing plot, combination of truth and fiction add particular fascination to the novel. While reading it you will really get a sense of the times from Sienkiewicz. But the main thing is the patriotic feeling with which it was written, and which practically leaps off the page at you.

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Brite and Fair

This book shares with its readers the thoughts and events in the life of the main character day by day. For example, on July 18 an old minister comes to their house and the character is sure that he will never come back again. He is going back to the unitarial church with Keene and Cele who are going to sing there in the new quire. The main character has a meeting in the afternoon in Sunday school for which he does not care much as, in his opinion, they don't learn much there. This day he also meet Ed Tole and goes horseback riding with him. He has a little red pony which Ed rides without a sadle. When the main character tries to do it, he feels like being split into two parts. His horse Nellie can trot faster than Ed's but Ed's runs faster. On July 19 he meets her uncle Robert who is in fact not his uncle but his father's. He is his grandfather's brother who is already dead. When talking, uncle Robert says that hopefully the main character will make a better man that his father. It strikes him somehow as his father also used to reproach him for mispoliteness and imbehavior. The character believes that his father is 5 times as good as uncle Robert. His mother has heard that some people do like uncle Robert and say that he is best but the main character does not belong to this kind. His father laughs at uncle Robert's words and says that he should not blame Robert for anything...

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A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison

Plunging into this captivating story, you will find out how only twelve years of age Mary Jamison was taken by the Indians. You will not be able to put the book down until you know the whole story to the end, how her Father and Family was killed, how she suffered, married to two Indians… All this is mixed with true historical facts of French and Revolutionary War.

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in the twinkling of an eye

"Readers of the super hit LaHaye/Jenkins series will enjoy a different perspective on the end-times, as Sydney Watson's novel of Christ's return takes place in turn-of-the-century London. In this classic story, journalist Tom Hammond becomes the witness of the scandal rapture of the church and its consequences. Set in London, the language and style of writing are definitely from that time period, and interesting facts about horse-drawn cabs, lighting lanterns when they enter a house really make this book charming. Reading "In the Twinkling of An Eye" might become an incredible experience for some readers as they will learn many things about the second coming of Christ. If you like the currently popular "Left Behind" books, then you will certainly enjoy this book too.

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