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The Ten Books on Architecture

This is a remarkable work by Vitruvius Pollio that was created during the classical period and that influenced greatly the further development of the architecture. A number of outstanding sciences of Renaissance referred in their works to this book. The book includes not only data on architecture but also a great number of digressions from this topic. For example, here it is possible to find the paragraphs about different kinds of contemporary art which are also as valuable as the information about architecture ingenuously. When talking about the architecture itself, the author pays great attention to the construction of siege and defend devices, for instance, catapults and tortoises. The book also contains information about divining water and using building materials.

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The Gadfly

The novel "Gadfly" written by Ethel Lillian Voynich Boole was enormously popular in the Soviet Union after the second world war.
This is the story of revolt and revolution, the story of love and betrayal, dark secrets and atonement. All these themes are finely incorporated in author’s controversial theme of the criticism of the church. With all this the book became one of the best political novels of the world literature.
The novel set in Italy in the 1800’s within the Italian Risorgimento. The author consulted with the Marucelliana Library of Florence and the State Archives & Civic Museum of Bologna during writing the book.
She was close friend of Sidney Rosenblum, his girlfriend. With the last money of him they moved to Italy. There under the influence of bright Mediterranean sun, southern hot climate, memories of his childhood and powerful Catholic religion, he gave a full background, remembering and conjuring up the memories of the past. He was not angry learning about she published his story. And the story turned out to be a great success, it touched people’s mind amazingly.
Later Ethel Lilian Voynich wrote some other books, but no one of them gave her such success, as the novel “Gadfly”, which has become a specimen of political novel with love, betrayals and the final but unfortunately late insight into the truth.

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Vampire's Kiss

By her wits, blood, and sacrifice, so far Drew has survived the intensive training on the Isle of Night. As a second-year Acari, her ultimate goal is to become a Watcher, and now she has a shot at her first mission. Except nothing is as it seems. The vampire Alcántara is as sinister as he is sexy, Ronan is more distant than ever, and it turns out there are other vampires out there. Bad ones. Ancient, bloodthirsty, and powerful, these undead are really old school. They’ve captured one of the Watcher vamps and are torturing him for information. The only chance to save him is to infiltrate a major summit the baddies are holding on their own island. There will be mortals there, serving as butlers, maids, and various hired help. Drew had better brush up on her skills as a serving girl, because she’s about to go undercover… But, when their vampire prisoner turns out to be a gorgeous bad boy, Drew’s first mission quickly turns into more than she bargained for…

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differential and integral calculus

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

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Principles of digital communication and coding : solutions manual to accompany

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Esercicios e primeiras leituras de sámscrito (Apéndice ao Manual) 02 pt.01


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from 11 to 8


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Kanonicheskīĭ sbornik XIV titulov so vtoroĭ chetverti VII vi︠e︡ka do 883 g ...

Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

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before the break of dawn

After dating for six mounts we were like two of a kind. So I done something special for us. The night was so divine a clear sky, full of stars and a bright moon. We stayed in a sailboat, their was no way for anyone, to get in touch with us. No phones’ to ring, no computers, just a bit of music, her and I. where we had dinner, relaxed, and held each other tight underneath the stars like it was our first date. We watch the sunset and boats going by, while we’re having strawberries and sipping champagne. we felt a sleep half of the night underneath the stars. We got up and went in, to lay down to rest or should I say tried to rest. But every time she moved she would tough me and that was starting to arouse me. I started to think to myself is she really doing this on purpose. So I done the same thing to her, while pretending to sleep. But it didn’t take long, for both of us to stop pretending. Now she’s rubbing my chest and kissing my neck. and suddenly she look’s at me! She grab’s the champagne glass and took a sip. And slowly dripping on my chess. I be came so arouse that I wanted to grab her, but no, no she would not let me! Slowly she started to drink and licking the champagne from my chest while giving kiss and tiny bite. At the same time rubbing her hand all over my body. But not in the place or part that I wanted her to, she is really teasing me. She could see by this time that I am in flames, you could have boiled water on me! I couldn’t wait any long, I grabbed her off of me and flipped her over under me. I could tell that she was feeling like I was. Her chest was so blossoming for me to touch her. Her nipples was hard and stiff as I nibble on it. And slowly I was moving lower to her waist. I could feel her bursting, so I slowly started to moving up to her face stopping a long the ways! I French kiss her as I give her the pleasure, with my!! “ she would call the long and strong”! we rocked that sailboat like it was having a hell of a storm out at sea! We got so dead tire that we fell asleep unknowingly. Right before sunrise, the morning is excellent. Not a cloud in site and a delicate fresh breeze. It was going to be a perfect day, I said to myself. Before I went to wake her up, to have coffee and watch the sunrise with me. She looked so peaceful laying there a sleep and her beauty is indescribable, like something so wonderful seen for the very first time. Her scent, delicate flavor is a combination of my favorite meal and the most pleasant fragrances. She’s lien on her back and how perky, healthy antioxidant chest, it just drives me wild. So I unbutton her pajama top and start to kiss it slow and gentle. I look at her face and it seems like she thing she’s dreaming. Suddenly she start’s to stretch and with a big grin on her face. She said, you really know how to wake up a woman. But Anyway, We always have done things together: for one, like watching the sunrise and the sunset. While she is getting ready and I'm preparing the coffee for us. I put the coffee table outside, with the coffeepot, cups and the roses I had hidden. While I'm STILL waiting for her, to get ready! She always took her sweet time; it always drove me crazy. I have to thing of something to get her out here. But what, I could not think of one dam thing. So I just lay down and wait for her, to came out. And suddenly she shows up, how beautiful she really look’s to me. I could really read her face; saying why did you wake me up so early. But with a smile, she said good morning, give me a kiss, a really, really warm kiss “Like she always does.” she got her cup of coffee and came and laid next to me. So we held each other and waited for the sunrise. While watching the sunrise the most beautiful rainbow appeared. She was shocked and she stopped drinking her coffee, as I did too! We looked at each other and smile. I said, to myself it's time; it’s now or never I got up and stood in front of her and the sun. I said, honey you are my oxygen, you are my life, and without you I can't live. Will you marry me; by then I'm on my knee. I’m looking at her, and she doesn’t say one dam thing. I said, to myself damn why is she taking so long. I got up and stepped up to her. She was speechless and didn't move. I shook her and then she yelled yes, yes I love to and she hugged me half to death.

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Separation of Power

CIA superagent Mitch Rapp is back in action in Vince Flynn's high-velocity "New York Times" bestseller. Newly appointed CIA director Dr. Irene Kennedy is the target of an inside plot to destroy her and prematurely end the American President's term. To make matters worse, Saddam Hussein is close to entering the nuclear arms race -- something Israel has vowed to stop. With the haunting specter of World War III looming, the President calls on his secret weapon

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