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  • Q:I've just selected a book. How do I go about downloading now?

    A:It's simple. You may download it in two ways: by clicking the link with the name of the book or by cutting and pasting the URL given in the box.

  • Q:I successfully downloaded a couple of books but when I try to open them on my PC they don't work for some reason...

    A:Probably, you have chosen inappropriate format. You may want to open it with another software or download the book with other given formats.

  • Q:What is .umf?

    A: Since not so long ago we have been using a universal media format .umf in which we save our books. These files can be opened by a special Download Manager MediaHolder, which supports the opening of format .umf files. To open the book you should:

    1. Download the program (the book will have been already added in the Download Manager)
    2. Start the function of working with the format .umf, following the instruction
    3. Enjoy reading

  • Q:I have downloaded some books. But where are they? I can't find the books I downloaded on my PC even though the message said the download was complete. How can I get to them?

    A:Check default folders according to your download manager. Or try Start-Search on Windows or Spotlight on Mac. Or you can specify destination folder and download files again.

  • Q:I am a little frustrated with your whole download procedure. Is it normal that the downloading process took me an hour to download?! Please advise.

    A:In general, it takes about 3-10 minutes to download an e-book. It depends on the size of file and the speed of your Internet connection. We recommend you to use FlashGet or Download Master.

  • Q:I want to read books on my iPod. What do I need to do?

    A:If you want to read books on your iPod, iPhone or BlackBerry only, you'd better choose an .pdb, .epub, .txt, isilo.pdb format.

  • Q:I urgently need to acquire a copy of a certain book. Can you send it to me?

    A:Sorry, we don't sell or send out printed books.

  • Q:I've just published a book, and have a Web page about it. Will you list it on your page?

    A:We'd love to post your book on our web site. Feel free to contact us.

  • Q:What is ZIP?

    A:The ZIP file format is a data compression and archive format. A ZIP file contains one or more files that have been compressed to reduce file size.

  • Q:What am I allowed to do with the books I download?

    A:All e-texts have copyright restrictions. You can download and read them. But it is not allowed to reproduce, modify or distribute them.