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Plant physiology 2nd ed.

"A classified list of books for reference": p. xxi-xxiv

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the nile tributaries of abyssinia and the sword hunters of the hamran arabs

British Explorer of the 19th century, Sir Samuel W. Baker, describes his twelve months' exploration, during which he, accompanied by his wife, examined every individual river that is tributary to the Nile from Abyssinia. Presenting his accurate observations of new territories, which were a great mystery in the 1800's, Baker seems to be taken up with his hunting, wild nature and people. Having spent much time among the Arabs, he offers a detailed ethnographic research, describing the inhabitants, their customs and the histories of the various tribes.

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in the heart of africa

Samuel Baker (1821 - 1893) was born in England. After the death of his wife he traveled to Ceylon in 1846. Baker established an agriculture settlement in Nuwara Eliva. He helped bring cattle and emigrants from England and made a success of the settlement. During his stay in Ceylon he spent a great deal of time hunting with his hounds, which became the genesis of this novel and a later work. Baker spent 12 months exploring the Nile and the area surrounding it. In the Heart of Africa is condensed from "The Nile Tributaries Of Abyssinia" and "The Albert N'yanza Great Basin Of The Nile." The Table of Contents includes. 1. The Nubian desert--The bitter well--Change of plans--An irascible dragoman--Pools of the Atbara--One secret of the Nile--At Cassala, 2. Egypt's rule of the Soudan--Corn-grinding in the Soudan--Mahomet meets relatives--The parent of Egypt--El Baggar rides the camel, 3. The Arabs' exodus--Reception by Abou Sinn--Arabs dressing the hair--Toilet of an Arab woman--The plague of lice- Wives among the Arabs--The Old Testament confirmed, 4. On the Abyssinian border--A new school of medicine--Sacred shrines and epidemics, 50 A primitive craft--Stalking the giraffes--My first giraffes-Rare sport with the finny tribe- Thieving elephants, 6. Preparations for advance--Mek Nimmur makes a foray The Hamran elephant-hunters--In the haunts of the elephant--A desperate charge, 7. The start from Geera--Feats of horsemanship--A curious chase-Abou Do wins a race--Capturing a young buffalo--Our island camp--Tales of the Base, 8. The elephant trumpets--Fighting an elephant with swords-The forehead-shot -Elephants in a panic--A superb old Neptune--The harpoon reaches its aim- Death of the hippopotamus--Tramped by an elephant, 9. Fright of the Tokrooris- Deserters who didn't desert--Arrival of the Sherrif brothers--Now for a tally-ho!- On the heels of the rhinoceroses--The Abyssinian rhinoceros--Every man for himself, 10. A day with the howartis--A hippo's gallant fight--Abou Do leaves us--Three yards from a lion--Days of delight--A lion's furious rage-Astounding courage of a horse, 11. The bull-elephant--Daring Hamrans--The elephant helpless--Visited by a minstrel--A determined musician--The nest of the outlaws- The Atbara River, 12. Abyssinian slave-girls--Khartoum--The Soudan under Egyptian rule--Slave-trade in the Soudan--The obstacles ahead, 13. Gondokoro- A mutiny quelled--Arrival of Speke and Grant--The sources of the Nile-Arab duplicity--The boy-slave's story--Saat adopted, 14. Startling disclosures--The last hope seems gone--The Bari chief's advice--Hoping for the best--Ho for Central Africa!, and much more.

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The Ward of King Canute; a romance of the Danish conquest

Ottilia Adelina Liljencrantz devoted her historical work to King Canute (or Cnut the Great) a Viking king of Denmark, England, Norway and parts of Sweden; and to his wife Elfgiva. Cnut seems to have been one of the greatest figures of medieval Europe, though his achievements were largely lost to history.

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First Footsteps in East Africa

Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton was an English explorer, translator, writer, soldier, ethnologist, linguist, poet, and diplomat. He was known for his journeys and explorations all over Asia and Africa as well as his extraordinary knowledge of languages and cultures. One of the greatest Burton’s travels is a journey to Africa, when he was engaged by the Royal Geographical Society to explore the east coast of Africa and led an expedition guided by the locals which discovered Lake Tanganyika. "First Footsteps in East Africa" is one of the most exciting books written by Burton. This is a treasury of detailed information on Muslim beliefs, manners and morals. In addition it opens all the pleasures and perils of the desert. This work is a real wealth of geographic, ethnographic and linguistic information that will definitely be interesting for everyone who wants to know as much as possible about other cultures.

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the ward of king canute a romance of the danish conquest

This is a great work of fiction. Liljencrantz's writing evokes past times and really illustrates the life of Canute and his army during the Danish conquest. This book is filled with many colorful characters, but King Canute, Elfgiva of Northampton, and Randalin really stand out. During reading the book all the characters come to life, and all the events seem to be so real, that sometimes it’s even hard to believe you are reading a book. If you are interested in the Viking raiders of the 11th century or of King Canute, you will greatly enjoy this amazing and fantastic book.

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osiris and the egyptian resurrection

A comprehensive, scholarly work by Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge (1857 –1934), an English Egyptologist, Orientalist, and philologist. Here he offers a complete presentation of one of the most important ancient Egyptian deities, Osiris: his history as it is told by classical writers, Osiris and cannibalism, human sacrifice and dancing and much more. The book contains translations of numerous texts from the temples and tombs of the Egyptians, reproductions of classical Egyptian art and iconographies. An excellent source of information regarding the ancient Egyptian god.

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Sea-Wolves of the Mediterranean

This period has been called "The Grand Period of the Moslem Corsairs" because it was in something less than a century, from the year of the expulsion of the Moors from Granada in 1492 to the death of Ali Basha in 1580, that the Sea-wolves were at the height of their power, that the
piratical States of the Mediterranean were in the making. That subsequently they gave great cause of trouble to Christendom is written in characters of blood and fire throughout the history of the succeeding centuries; but the real interest in the careers of these men resides in the fact that they established, by their extraordinary aptitude for sea-adventure, the permanent place which was held by their descendants.

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breton folk an artistic tour in brittany

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Handbook for Travellers in Algeria and Tunis: Algiers, Oran, Tlemcen, Bougie ...

Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

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