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The Sport of the Gods

One of the five novels, and the last one, by seminal African American poet of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Paul Laurence Dunbar. The book is a metaphor, telling the story of an African-American family, which proceeds its way from well-being to imprisonment and degradation. Displaced, they struggle to survive in early Harlem. Powerful writing, profound in its message, and vivid details recount the effect city life has of African Americans.

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on the plantation a story of a georgia boys adventures during the war

This book is one of the 200 most recommended, famous and most valued for a reader in the Confederation. It is also for those who carry out some researches, connected with the history and also for people who collects information related with America. The author - Richard Barksdale Harwell – comments that it is nothing but an autobiography piece of composition and no one should look out something else in it. But of course the reader should be attentive and pick out some facts to produce one’s own opinion and to sift facts from fiction.

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the goodness of st rocque and other stories

At this particular picnic, however, there had been bitterness of spirit. Theophile was Manuela's own especial property, and Theophile had proven false. He had not danced a single waltz or quadrille with Manuela, but had deserted her for Claralie, blonde and petite. It was Claralie whom Theophile had rowed out on the lake; it was Claralie whom Theophile had gallantly led to dinner. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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France in the nineteenth century, 1830-1890

Includes index 26

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On the plantation; a story of a Georgia boy's adventures during the war

Published at London, under title, "A plantation printer."

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Odes on Washington, Lincoln and freedom with the American patriot's song.

Pamphlet Below title: "Clarum et venerabile nomen" and "Dulce et decori est pro patrie mori!" "Dedicated to the American people, to be read on the annual return of the birth-days of those illustrions patriot statesmen, as humble tribute to their memory." 18

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The corbit-sharp house at Odessa, Delaware : finishes analysis and interpretation of four interior rooms

Thesis (M.S. in Historic Preservation) -- University of Pennsylvania, 2003 Includes bibliographical references and index Scanning Note: Materials digitized are digital reproductions of original items. The scanning entity processed the material in the state it was received.

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Great orations by Clay, Fox, Gladstone, Lincoln, O'Connell, Phillips, Pitt, Webster, and others

Lord Chatham on the American stamp act.--Henry Grattan on the Declaration of Irish rights.--William Pitt on the slave-trade.--John Philpot Curran on the trial of Archibald Hamilton Rowan.--Charles James Fox on the French overtures for peace.--Daniel O'Connell on the recovery of Catholic rights.--Daniel Webster. The Bunker Hill monument.--Henry Clay in defence of the American system.--Richard Lalor Sheil on the Irish municipal bill.--John Bright on the foreign policy of England.--Wendell Phillips. Toussaint L'Ouverture.--Henry Ward Beecher. Union and emancipation.--Abraham Lincoln. The Gettysburg address. Second inaugural address.--Lord Beaconsfield on the principles of the conservative party.--William Ewart Gladstone. Domestic and foreign affairs.--James Gillespie Blaine. James Abram Garfield

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A selection from the poetry of W.B. Yeats

Early poems (1885-1892)- The wanderings of Usheen.- The Countess Cathleen.- Lyrics (1892-1899)- The old age of Queen Maeve.- Baile and Aillinn.- Lyrics (1899-1904)- On Baile's strand.- Deirdre.- Lyrics (1904-1912)

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