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The Ten Books on Architecture

This is a remarkable work by Vitruvius Pollio that was created during the classical period and that influenced greatly the further development of the architecture. A number of outstanding sciences of Renaissance referred in their works to this book. The book includes not only data on architecture but also a great number of digressions from this topic. For example, here it is possible to find the paragraphs about different kinds of contemporary art which are also as valuable as the information about architecture ingenuously. When talking about the architecture itself, the author pays great attention to the construction of siege and defend devices, for instance, catapults and tortoises. The book also contains information about divining water and using building materials.

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landscape painting

If you're interested in landscape painting, there can’t be a book better than this one. Harrison lived to see the French impressionists blossom, and lived to see them re-evaluate their spot and dash system, and eventually shed it. He saw the American painters harvest the best of what the French discovered, and take landscape painting much farther. And he describes every bit of it. His explanation of refraction, vibration, and other terms are just perfect, and the chapter on composition is marvelous! The book would be necessary for amateurs interested in painting and professionals devoting their lives to painting.

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a philosophical essay on probabilities

Laplace wrote this book in 1816. If you've ever worked on problems like "here are two boxes, A and B, the first containing four white and two black balls ..." you'll be interested to know these problems all go back to this book. Laplace said "Probability theory is nothing but common sense reduced to calculation", and he shows it here. There is an interesting discussion of how many judges should be assigned to a case, and what proportion of them should be required to vote guilty for a guilty verdict to be returned in the book. Laplace shows how to minimize expected loss on this problem.

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The Insurrection in Dublin

During his walk one morning the author tells how he saw small groups of people gathered on each corner. They all seemed to be looking in the same direction. He finally stops to fin out what is going on and hears that the Sinn Fein have taken over parts of the city. From there the book recounts his spectator's view of the uprising. At first people are shocked and even angry at the insurrectionists. But then, as the days pass and the uprising continues Stephans is puzzled. More and more he see people smiling. It is only later that he realizes that they are smiling out of pride. If the riot had been immediately quashed they would have been depressed. This book is a great insight into stirrings of nationalism in people.

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brick and marble in the middle ages notes of tours in the north of italy

George Edmund Street was an English architect. At an early age Street became deeply interested in the principles of Gothic architecture, and devoted most of his time and efforts to studying and sketching the finest examples of medieval buildings in England and on the Continent. In 1855 he published this very careful and wonderfully illustrated work. This book is a great find for students studying architecture, professional architect and designers, or anyone interested in architecture and design.

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Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates; fiction, fact & fancy concerning the buccaneers & marooners of the Spanish main

1903. By Howard Pyle, an American illustrator and writer, primarily of books for young audiences. Wonderfully told and illustrated tales of wild life and adventures of daring pirates and buccaneers on the north-east coast of South America. The book includes Buccaneers and Marooners of the Spanish Main, The Ghost of the Captain Brand, With the Buccaneers, Tom Christ and the Treasure Box, Jack Ballister’s Fortunes, Blueskin the Pirate and Captain Scarfield. During many years the Pyle’s children’s books appeared canonical – every child knew his works on pirates, Robin Hood and King Arthur. Of course a great deal of attraction was provided by the author’s illustration, as Pyle was a painter in the first place. He enjoyed universal esteem during the entire life and is still highly regarded by artists. It was Pyle who created the usual portrait of a pirate – a sombre desperado wearing a kerchief and an earring. The book is illustrated by the author.

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the small place its landscape architecture

This book belongs to the pen of Elsa Rehmann who was one of the most prominent architects in America and made a great influence on the development of landscape architecture in the United States. She added some great innovations of including flowers and natural hedges into the landscape design. Since that time she has been very popular in many estates, public works and other territories. So this is the main study that was written by the famous architect where she describes the main ideas of the architecture. The book should be definitely recommended for all readers who want to learn more about the landscape design and use some methods and techniques in their own gardens.

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early rhode island houses an historical and architectural study

Early Rhode Island Houses: An Historical and Architectural Study was published for the first time in 1900 and it is a detailed and thorough description of the houses that were built in Rhode Island. The book is very informative and provides truly valuable information.

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wharves and piers their design construction and equipment

This study devoted to wharves and piers was published for the first time in 1917 and since then it has been extremely popular among engineers and all readers who are interested in the subject. The book belongs to the pen of Greene Carleton who does a great job in describing and showing the main types of wharves and piers, as well as their construction and equipment.

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