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The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela

Benjamin of Tudela, from Spain, is a famous world traveler of the 12th century. He started his journey from northeast Spain around 1165. His travel began in the city of Zaragoza, further down the valley of the Ebro, whence he went north to France, and then set sail from the port of Marseilles. After visiting Genoa, Pisa, and Rome in present-day Italy; Greece; and Constantinople, he set off across Asia. He visited Syria, Lebanon, Land of Israel, and northern Mesopotamia before he came to Baghdad. From there he went to Persia, then cut back across the Arabian Peninsula to Egypt and North Africa, returning to the Iberian Peninsula in 1173. In general Benjamin visited over 300 cities, including many of importance in Jewish history, such as Susa, Sura, and Pumbedita in southern Persia. Besides, he collected information about many more areas which he heard about on his travels, including China and Tibet. He recorded details on cultures such as that of Al-Hashishin, the hemp smokers, introducing Western Europeans to people and places far beyond their experience.
Some modern historians consider him as the person who gave the most precise description of every-day life in the Middle Ages. Originally the book was written in Hebrew. Later it was translated into Latin and then became an extremely popular piece of Jewish literature in many languages. The modern reader might think of it as something alien and unusual. But the author actually intended to give his contemporaries an actual account of his journeys. What exactly did Benjamin plan to reach when he started out on his awesome travel? At first, probably nothing but a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, which despite the Crusades, retained a magic attraction for the pious Jew. A pilgrimage-an Aliyah-probably with the thought to stay there for the rest of his life. But the fact is that he did take the long road, sometimes making stops, meeting people, visiting places, describing professions and giving a demographic count of Jews in every town and country. This book is outstanding. Actually, this is travel diary of Benjamin. He brightly describes the different communities he visits throughout Spain and the Middle East. This is a work which gives insight into Jewish communal life in the Middle Ages.
This book describes the countries he visited, with an emphasis on the Jewish communities, including their total populations and the names of notable community leaders. Benjamin also described the customs and traditions of the local population, both Jewish and non-Jewish, with an emphasis on urban life. He gave detailed descriptions of sites and landmarks seen along the way, as well as important buildings and marketplaces. This book is important not only because it has detailed descriptions of the Jewish communities, but also as a trustworthy source about the geography and ethnography of the Middle Ages. "The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela" is really worth reading. Anyone who prefers primary historical sources will enjoy reading this book as it is full of true facts and exciting details of the past.

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Strange Visitors

Do you believe in UFO? That we are not alone in the Galaxy, that with us in this world live another substances and spirits?.. Marvels are around us, we shouldn’t forget about it… These are not just words and fairy-tales, many people saw Them, news reported on strange things that can’t be explained by common laws, and they happen everywhere… we live in the world of wonders, remember about that and open your eyes…

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the history of the five indian nations depending on the province of new york

A book of historic value, written by the assistant governor of New York tells much about Northeastern Indian customs, complicated relations of the five nations with historic accuracy and the details that sometimes can plunge one into horror.

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Baby Grand

Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Light blue cloth stamped in orange, green and blind Baby Grand -- Tom, Dick and Harry - Et Caetera -- Spilled milk -- Dull Jim -- Dolly Jack -- The little lady who wouldn't spoil Christmas

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Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans

Simple stories of warriors, explorers, scientists, inventors and other historical figures and outstanding people were written by an American historian and novelist, Edward Eggleston, in order to grip the attention of the youngest, thus to stimulate interest for further studying. Educational and interesting, the stories appear to be a wonderful introduction to history.

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The Sport of the Gods

One of the five novels, and the last one, by seminal African American poet of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Paul Laurence Dunbar. The book is a metaphor, telling the story of an African-American family, which proceeds its way from well-being to imprisonment and degradation. Displaced, they struggle to survive in early Harlem. Powerful writing, profound in its message, and vivid details recount the effect city life has of African Americans.

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Rinkitink in Oz

The inhabitants of Pingaree are kidnapped by the mongrel hordes of twin island kingdoms, Prince Inga and his friend King Rinkitink proceed to the save them. One of the “Oz” books by L. F. Baum, famous American author, poet, playwright, actor, and filmmaker, tells us about the adventures of Rinkitink, Prince Inga, and Bilbil in a fantastic fairyland. The plot is tight and exciting, the dangers and charm come side by side, making an unforgettable reading for the young audience.

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Written by the author of world-famous "Jane Eyre", "Villette" is considered to be one of the finest Charlotte Bronte’s works. The book tells the story of a young teacher at a girls school in the French town of Villette named Lucy Snow and is superbly told by Mandy Weston. This tale is of an inwardly emotional journey than anything eventfully culminating or epically engaging. Plot-wise, this merely treks the path of a young English woman completely alone in the world gaining her livelihood in a girls' school on the European continent. Affecting the treads of that path are those, come by choice or commitment, closest to her: her voyeuristic employer Madame Beck, friends - privileged & affectionate childhood companion Polly and conceited & light-headed fellow student Ginerva - the handsome & winsome Dr. John, and temperamental & eccentric professor M. Paul. It's truly an inward journey- a seeking and finding of one's own identity: the heroine - enthralled in a life as outwardly merciless as it is inwardly rich - is undeniably endearing, her story wrought with so many sparkles of pain, so few of bliss.

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Machine Drawing: A Text and Problem Book for Technical Students and Draftsmen

Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Wisconsin - Madison and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

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