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the white indian boy the story of uncle nick among the shoshones

This book published in 1919 and illustrated with pictures by F. N. Wilson narrates about Uncle Nick Wilson who was a truly extraordinary person. Wilson was one of the first Mormons in the U.S. and lived in Utah for the first part of his life. Then he decided to move from his native town to the territory of the Shoshone Indians. There he learned five different Indian languages and for some time served as an interpreter. Wilson also became a Pony Express rider. Wilson situated in Wyoming is named after this person.

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the life of benvenuto cellini volume 1

A book about outstanding Italian sculptor, jeweller, painter and musician of the Renaissance is remarkable for 40 first-hand illustrations, describing Cellini’s life.

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The Lost Girl

Lawrence’ The Lost Girl is a tragic story about a young woman who is trying to find herself choosing for that purpose different means and ways. She flirts and plays for fun, then gets into a mess. Gradually we get to know her rich background, how she was brought up and “guarded” by her father who didn’t let her try different occupations. After some time we feel the difference between her wealthy childhood and her rather poor maturity more distinct, yet she managed to find her identity in her beloved man…

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my air ships

A book of a man that dreamed air-ships, planned air-ships, and read about aerial navigation since his early childhood, the Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont. An early pioneer of aviation, a hero, a genius, and a visionary, he designed, built, and flew the first practical dirigible balloons, demonstrating that routine, controlled flights were possible. This conquest of the sky made him one of the world famous people during the early 20th century. In “My Airships” the author tells us the story of his life and work, beginning with the coffee plantation of his father, an engineer in his past. His first balloon and air-ship, winning of the Deutsch Prize, how it feels to navigate the air – all this will surely be captivating for those who are interested in the history of machinery, as well as just an inquisitive reader. Besides, this book appeals to us as a vivid description of the epoch.

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our southern highlanders a narrative of adventure in the southern appalachians

This is a story about adventure in the southern Appalachians and a study of life about the mountaineers. Horace Kephart is the one most responsible for the existence of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park spanning the North Carolina and Tennessee border. Using all of his journals, he wrote about observations of the mountains and people during his 10 years of travels through the Appalachians. Kephart shows the Southern Appalachian Mountaineers as they were, and in some cases, as they still are. Author’s approach is balanced. He illustrating the people's good and not-so-good characteristics with facts and different stories. He gives historical and topological frameworks for the character of mountain people. For several years he lived among them, and that’s why his story is extremely realistic and true. The book is a great help in understanding people of mountains, learning their customs and traditions.

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chasing the flame sergio vieira de mello and the fight to save the world

Sergio Vieira de Mello from Brazil was the embodiment of what the United Nations could and should be. Sergio was the UN Secretary General's "ultimate go-to guy", a nation builder in the world's hottest spots like East Timor, Cambodia, Kosovo. Everyone who met him - from George W. Bush to Slobodan Milosevic – were amazed by his intelligence, physical bearing, charisma and integrity. It was a total shock for the world public when he and 14 other UN staff were killed on August 19th 2003 by an al-Qeada suicide bomber at the ‘Canal Hotel’ in Baghdad, an event that has become known as the UN's "9/11". This biography is extremely thrilling and considered to be a masterpiece of journalistic writing. Excellent, well-written book that is a definite must read.

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George Washington

This is one of the best attempts to research the biography of the founder of the American nation and the first President of the United States. The author William Roscoe Thayer has research a number of Washington's personal letters and on their basis has created a portrait of this legendary person aiming at eliminating prejudices and misperceptions of his life and activity. The book is intended for everyone interested in the personality of George Washington as well as in the history of the United States.

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The Emperor's Rout

A book tells about one on the most powerful person in the ancient history. The story is centered around the life of attendants of the Imperial Palace, their feelings and relations. The Throne, its power, people’s growing resentment against monarchy and a revolution as a result combine the plot of the novel. The reading will bring you to the atmosphere of the ancient Ethiopia, at the time of of Haile Selassie's reign, the ruler of an odd, almost fantastical empire.

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a tenderfoot bride tales from an old ranch

Clarice Richards was born in Ohio and spent considerable part of her life there but then in 1900 moved to Colorado, to Elbert County. At that time she was affianced with Jarvis Richards, a former Congregational minister who also came from the East coast. The couple was willing to settle down there but mountainous Colorado at first did not welcome the easterners. Clarice, however, was persistent and tried to see the life easily from the humorist point of view. Slowly she was westernized getting used to farmers. A tenderfoot Bride Tales from an Old Ranch is her memoir that was published first in 1920, became popular very soon and was recognized as a charming and nice story. The book also contains the introduction written by Maxine Benson who explains the life in the West on farms and ranches, particularly of that of Richard's family.

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The War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon

Siegfried Sassoon was a wonderful poet and writer, he created many masterpieces… but it was Great War with it horrors and pains that arose in him his great and unique talent, made him write his best things and gave him world fame… If you hold this book, you will soon read his best poems and enjoy many beautiful moments.

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