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Gleanings in Buddha-fields : studies of hand and soul in the Far East

Perkins, P.D. Hearn

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Buddhism in the modern world

Appendix II includes bibliographical material

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The religion of manhood

"Essays and poems, quotations and suggestions."

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The Parsee religion

Caption title "Read before the Liverpool Literary and Philosophical Society, March 18th, 1861."--P. [1]

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Studies of the soul

Rare Annex copy 1: From the estate of Louis Livingston Seaman

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The seat of authority in religion

Authority implied in religion.--Authority artificially misplaced.--Divine authority intermixed with human things.--Severance of undivine elements from christendom.--The divine in the human Rare Annex copy 1: Gift of Henry W. Sage

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buddhism in the modern world

Originally published in 1898. This volume from the Cornell University Library's print collections was scanned on an APT BookScan and converted to JPG 2000 format by Kirtas Technologies. All titles scanned cover to cover and pages may include marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume.

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the creed of half japan historical sketches of japanese buddhism

This is a wonderful book which is the collection of the following stories among which it is possible to name the following: Mahayana; The Stage on which Sakyamuni Made His Appearance; The Buddha and his Greatest Disciple; The Pre-Christian Expansion of Buddhism; Pushyamitra; The New Testament in Touch with the East; Alexandria and Antioch at the Time of Christ; The Legend of St. Thomas; The Call from China; Buddhism Just Before the Coming of Christianity; As'Vaghosha; Nagarjuna; The Missionaries of the Han; Dharmagupta; Manichaeism; China in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Centuries; Buddhism Reaches Japan; The Crown Prince Shotoku Taishi; Buddhism During the Nara Period; Heian Buddhism; Namudaishi; The Buddhism of the Gempei Period; The Buddhism of Kamakura; Nichiren and the Earlier Sects; Rissho Ankoju Ron; The Mongols; the Buddhism of the Muromachi Age; The Period of the Catholic Missions; The Buddhism of the Tokugawa Period; and Recapitulation.

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the creed of half japan

A scholarly study of the evolution of Mahayana Buddhism in Japan. The author, Arthur Lloyd, says in the preface to the edition: I can only plead for my book that it is the work of a pioneer, and every pioneer knows that his labours must necessarily be crude and imperfect. I foresee all the strictures that criticism will pass upon my labours, and shall be more than content if what I have written stimulates others to further research. More should have been said about the lives and teachings of Honen, Shinran, and other leaders of the Jodo or Pure Land sects.

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gleanings in buddha fields studies of hand and soul in the far east

Book Description: "The third book of Lafcadio Hearn's Japanese period, Gleanings in Buddha-Fields is a volume of philosophical essays and sketches inspired by the teachings of Buddha. Through a series of loosely connected essays, the author offers readers a wealth of insights into Japanese life, art and religion. When the book was first published in 1897, it attracted the attention of The New York Times: "It is only Mr. Hearn who has made us understand something of the Japanese way of looking at life and things, something of that religion which is the very soul and substance of Japanese existence, thought, and action." Today's readers are sure to recognize the elegance and depth of thought which have made the work a classic." (Quote from columbia.edu)Table of Contents: Publisher’s Preface; A Living God; Out Of The Street; Notes Of A Trip To KyÔto; Dust; About Faces In Japanese Art; NingyÔ-no-haka; In Ôsaka; Buddhist Allusions In Japanese Folk-song; Nirvana A Study In Synthetic Buddhism; The Rebirth Of KatsugorÔ; Within The Circle; EndnotesAbout the Publisher: Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, Esoteric and Mythology. www.forgottenbooks.orgForgotten Books is about sharing information, not about making money. All books are priced at wholesale prices. We are also the only publisher we know of to print in large sans-serif font, which is proven to make the text easier to read and put less strain on your eyes.

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