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The Magic of Oz

Dorothy and the Wizard are trying to stop the villainous Nome King, who intends to revenge himself upon Princess Ozma and her faithful friends. This is a magical children’s books by Lyman Frank Baum, American author, poet, playwright, actor, and independent filmmaker. It became the thirteenth book of Oz series, continued by 6 more sequels.

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epaminondas and his auntie

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Fifty Famous Stories Retold

A collection of short stories by James Baldwin, an American author and civil rights activist, is a series of legendary tales, each concerning a certain hero or famous person and describing episodes of their lives - Alexander the Great, Doctor Goldsmith, William Tell, George Washington, King Alfred and many others.
The book is generally of a great interest for children, as well as for any inquisitive reader, in addition to its being a perfect starting point for further literary studies.

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Little Brother

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Topsy-Turvy Land

This book was written by a husband and a wife Samuel Marinus Zwemer and Amy E. Zwemer. They both were missionaries and travelers, with their interest focused on the Arabian countries. Samuel Zwemer often called The Apostle to Islam lived for quite a long time (1891-1905) at Busrah, Bahrein and in other places in the Middle East doing research there and missionary work as well. He also became a member of the Royal Geographical Society of London and on its behalf traveled to Asia. During the last years of his life he served as a professor of missions and the history of religion as the Princeton Theological Seminary. Samuel Zwemer is known as the author of many books devoted to the Arabs and Arabian countries. For instance, he was an editor of the famous publication The Moslem World. Also he encouraged many outstanding researches to travel to the Middle East as missionaries and study this region. His wife Amy Zwemer was an American missionary as well working in the Arabian countries where she met and married her co-worker. She created Two Young Arabs including The Travels of Noorah and Jameel and co-authored various books with her husband, among them we can name Topsy-Turvy Land (1902), and Moslem Women (1926).

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reading literature the primer

Reading literature the primer was published in 1910 for the first time and since then it has been re-published many times as it gained a great popularity. The main goal of the book is to teach children to read and to love reading and literature. Also it would be useful for everyone who has children or works with them. The vocabulary of Reading literature the primer is quite easy and pretty small: it contains about 200 words. Such a method is aimed on children to read the adaptation of the stories, get interested in them and then read the real stories. The book includes nine most famous stories: The Little Red Hen, The Gingerbread Boy, The Old Woman and the Pig, The Boy and the Goat, The Pancake, Chicken Little, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Tuppens, and Little Spider’s First Web. It is also illustrated with black and white pictures which appeals to children.

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The Magic City

Wonderful, captivating children story. Feeling lonely after being abandoned by his newly married elder sister Helen, Philip tries to adjust to a new life and entertain himself. He builds a city inside a house – from books, blocks and other stuff he played with… and one day Pip finds himself inside this magic city. Citizens told him that there had been a prophesy of two newcomers – the Deliverer and the Destroyer. To prove to be the Deliverer, Philip has to do seven great Deeds. Do you want to join and help Pip kill the dragon, slay the Lions of the Desert… and perform many other interesting things?..

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David and the Phoenix

David and the Phoenix is a children's novel published in 1957 telling about a boy traveling with a magical bird Phoenix. This is the first story created by Edward Ormondroyd who became popular almost immediately. David, the main character of the novel, starts his adventures in the magical world when he moves to a new house situated very close to the mountains. One day he climbs the mountain and on its peak he sees Phoenix. David gets scared; Phoenix is frightened as well as it hides from Scientist. Phoenix likes a young boy so he decides to open many mysteries to him. The problem appears when the bird realized that it cannot flight because his wings are flabby after sitting on the mountain for a long time. But David helps Phoenix recall how to fly and the adventures begin. Phoenix takes David to meet Gryffins, one of the most wonderful races that inhabit the magical world whcih also include Gryffons, and Gryffens. On their way they meet a Witch. During their first journey they does not meet Gryffins but get acquainted with Gryffons, and Gryffens who get angry with Phoenix who has brought a human to the magical world and sentence him to death. After escaping from captivity, Phoenix flies to see the Witch and David goes to find Scientist. The adventures go further and further and keep both children and their parents attentive and carried-away.

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McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader, Revised Edition

Since 1836 these books with exotic adventures, carrying away tales, beautiful poems and amusing fables have attracted children. he First Eclectic Reader contains stories, word lists and phonics charts.

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Five Little Peppers Abroad

The Five Little Peppers is a chain of stories narrating about the life of the Peppers during seventeen years who are not very rich and who have to work a lot but they have a wonderful spirit and a good attitude to the life. This is very special in the book. Many events take place in Five Little Peppers Abroad to the main characters Mamsie and her five children – Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie and Phronsie. Everyone in the family takes care of the other members making surprises for them. The children go to school, school, travel abroad, but no matter where they are they have a big heart and look at the life with a big smile.

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