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Buddhism and Buddhists in China

The penetration of Buddhism into China and forming of China Buddhist tradition appears to be the brightest example of intercultural interaction in Chinese history, before the beginning of the intense contacts between East and West. Besides, the Chinese Buddhism became a peculiar combination of Chinese and Indian cultures. Spreading throughout the Far East, it brought not only the hieroglyphic writing on the Chinese, but also various aspects of culture.
This volume by Lewis Hodous, an American Board missionary to China, educator, Sinologist and Buddhologist, offers a detailed inquiry into Buddhism and Buddhists in China.

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China and the Chinese

Herbert Allen Giles for several years was a diplomat in China and in 1897 was appointed Cambridge University’s second professor of Chinese. He published many works about Chinese language and literature, history and philosophy. This series of lectures, named “China and the Chinese”, was given at Columbia University in 1902, to mark the establishment of a Chinese professorship there. The lectures were not intended for the specialist, more to induce a wider and more systematic study of China and its culture, and to encourage new students. Many of the observations are important today, others will remind how much China has changed since the period of the Manchu Qing dynasty in which he wrote.

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Across China on Foot

Across China on Foot is an wonderful account of travel which took place in 1909-1910. The book is wonderfully written and structured, it contains a number of impressions about cities, towns, places the author visited. Besides, it includes a lot of information about people's traditions and cultures, politics and religion, way of life, animals and plants. The book is very informative and is definitely recommended for all people who like traveling and reading about it.

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uncle moses a novel

This novel is a bright example of American literature devoted to Jewish immigrants who traveled to the American coast from Eastern Europe. The plot of Uncle Mosses a Novel is carrying away and in many scenes you will get strained and sympathetic with characters. Do not expect that the story will have a traditional happy end.

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the stars in song and legend

The Stars in Song and Legend belongs to the pen of professor of Astronomy at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, Jermain Gildersleeve Porter. The book was published for the first time in 1901. Here readers will find information about the twelve signs of the zodiac. Although the book is quite short, it presents valuable and fascinating facts for all lovers of astrology.

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Tales of St. Austin's

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

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Sacred Books of the East

Including Selections from the Vedic Hymns, Zend-Avesta, Dhammapada, Upanishads, the Koran, and the Life of Buddha, with Critical and Biographical Sketches by Epiphanius Wilson, A.M.

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old chinatown a book of pictures

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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Religions of Ancient China

Herbert Allen Giles (1845 –1935), a British diplomat and sinologist, offers an inquiry into the two Chinese religions which are closely interwoven with each other. The book contains a lot of information concerning ancient faith - theory of universe and ancient cosmogony, ancestral worship, religious dances, divination; offers a look at Confucianism, human sacrifices, posthumous honors of Confucius, Daoism, traces of mysticism, materialism. The author touches upon Buddhism, other religions, and the conflict of faiths.

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