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steps to christ

Steps to Christ written by American Christian White Ellen Gould Harmon who claimed to have a gift of prophecy is a book which is considered to be a classic Christian literature. It was first published in 1892 and since then has been translated into almost 150 languages and published in more then 100 million copies. This book is the most popular and by White Ellen Gould Harmon. It consists of 13 chapters which tell its readers more about the life of Jesus Christ and His teaching. It focuses on such problems like finding peace and love amongst the strong waves of life. Steps to Christ will definitely be interesting to people who are trying to understand the concepts of faith, acceptance and doubt.

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the acts of the apostles in the proclamation of the gospel of jesus christ

The acts of the apostles in the proclamation of the gospel of jesus christ is a collection of stories on religious topic revealing the power of the early church and its connection to the absolute power. White Ellen Gould Harmon sees her main task in opening readers' eyes on everything connected with the religion and the right way of life. When reading The Acts of the Apostles, an outstanding note on the book of Acts, you will definitely feel that special spirit of the church and open the church for yourself in a new way.

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christs object lessons

Christs object lessons by American Christian White Ellen Gould Harmon who claimed to have a gift of prophecy is book that tries to explain its readers the meaning of Christ's parables. The volume contains the lessons different people draw from life and these lessons will absolutely be useful for people who are searching for the right solutions in the life. Christs object lessons teaches us the main virtues and positive thinking.

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the temple its ministry and services as they were at the time of jesus christ

The work on the ministry of the first-century temple by Alfred Edersheim (1825-1889), a Jewish convert to Christianity and a Biblical scholar. The book, beginning with the first view of Jerusalem, includes full-color photographs of an authentic model of Herod’s temple, build on the basis information from Bible, maps, drawings and charts. The study describes the religious life of the times of Jesus’ life, the circumstances under which he taught, the ceremonies, and the meaning of the purpose for which he came. Telling of Jerusalem, the temple, priests, and worshippers the author manages to reproduce the genuine spiritual significance of the temple and its services.

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Nada the Lily

‘Nada the Lily’ is a historical novel written by famous English writer H. Rider Haggard. This novel is considered to be one of the best among his works. They say it was inspired by writer’s time spent in South Africa. ‘Nada the Lily’ is set at the time of the Zulu king named Chaka. The greater part of actions in this fantastic novel turn around him, but basically this book is the story about Umslopogaas, and his incredibly strong love for Nada, a native girl of great beauty. The story is narrated by Mopo, Nada’s father and Chaka’s doctor. During the course of the story Umslopogaas becomes friends with Galazi the Wolf. He lives on Ghost Mountain, and rules the wolf pack. Unfortunately, the story ends tragically. Nada, trying to escape the anger of Dingaan following the assassination of Chaka, takes a shelter in the cave on the mountain. Galazi dies trying to save her, but death finds Nada in the cave, which became her tomb. Nada couldn’t open the heavy stone door that she had closed behind her.
‘Nada the Lily’ is the story that has everything that can be found in a really great interesting book: love, adventures, awesome battle scenes and danger. Does reader need more? This is probably Haggard's most poetic and free-flowing yarn. A multiplicity of interesting characters will be found in this tale, although the central theme is the moving love story of Umslopogaas and Nada. The book makes the readers think, keeps their minds open for new ideas and thoughts. The book is quite serious, though it may not seem to be like that.
The book is great for everyone. This is a real masterpiece of English literature that should be definitely read. Nowadays it is not that easy to find a book similar to this is. Of course, shelves of book stores are full of different literature, but it doesn’t have that special scent of 19th century classics. To someone ‘Nada the Lily’ may seem fiction, to someone a historical novel. Probably, it has both something historical and fiction. Reading ‘Nada the Lily’ is very easy and delightful. Author had a perfect talent to make readers dive into the story. From the first chapter this story captivates and fascinates you. A really beautiful love story of two young people, who have to face too strong difficulties in attempts to keep their relations and, which is more important – their lives. ‘Nada the Lily’ is the perfect book to develop your fantasy, trying to imagine impressive landscapes, dangerous fights etc. If you have been moved by classic tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, if you are a real fan of enthralling action-packed adventures sagas, ‘Nada the Lily’ will not leave you indifferent! It’s definitely worth reading. Due to simplicity and great author’s talent to describe ordinary things in unusual way, this book will impress you. No doubt. And don’t mind it was written two centuries ago – it is gorgeous! Read the novel, and make sure yourself.

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In the Amazon Jungle

The book of Swedish explorer and writer Algot Lange tells about an incredible journey full of death dangers. After several months of harassing severities in jungle the hero, starving and dying of fever, finds himself in a village of the Mangeroma tribe. The cannibals, fortunately, don’t take him for an enemy and let him live, restore to health and return to the civilization. Let alone the plot, this book is a real documentary of the Amazon jungle, its flora, fauna and even the voice and scent. Colorful informative descriptions will make you ramble through the region together with the author, a keen observer and talented story-teller.

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'Lena Rivers

One of the extracts of the novel describes the storm that continued for many days. The storm caused blocking up highways and much less crowded whileroads were rendered impassable. No one even among the elderly people in Oakland has seen something like this before. Old inhabitants shook their fray heads as the wind raged over the New England Mountains. Old huge trees in forests were in the power of the wind which shook everything around including the casement of somelow-roofed cottage where the bright flame was dancing to the accompaniment of the sound of a storm wind rotating rapidly and making fantastic circles and at the end disappearing in the broad-mouthedchimney.

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an explanation of the baltimore catechism of christian doctrine for the use of

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the struggle for a proletarian party

In this book James P. Cannon, the founder of the communist movement in the U.S touches upon the organization questions of how to lead the revolutionary party. It is also the record of a historic fight, summation of over twenty years’ effort and experience in building the Marxist revolutionary party in the United States. The fight that it deals with—between the Marxist wing of the Socialist Workers Party and the petty-bourgeois opposition—will undoubtedly be recorded as one of the classic struggles in the annals of Marxist faction fights.

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corporal si klegg and his pard

Wilbur F. Hinman, a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Ohio Regiment, pictures the various sides of Army life during the Civil War on the pages of his Corporal Si Klegg and his ”Pard”. He does it so truthfully and vividly that realistic picture inevitably forms in front of reader’s eyes. The path from an ordinary man to a soldier, thoughts, emotions and feeling of the latter are given through every day life of people during the war.

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