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Sister Carrie: a Novel

Theodor Dreiser published his novel-challenge in the 1900's. It is a story of 18-year-old girl who moves from her native country to Chicago and becomes there a woman maintained by a man as his mistress. This is because of that it becomes prohibited. The publisher was afraid to release the work as it was, so he changed something in it. After years the masterpiece by Dreiser can be read as it was planned originally.
The novel shows how acute, wise and accurate the author was in his views. He was perhaps the first to depict a woman - crafty, with the behavior beyond the moral norms, with the limited freedom of actions. For sanctimonious America of 19th century it was like ribaldry. Dreiser shows how dangerous for every human being hesitating in finding one's position in life, not deciding and not making own choice; and how dangerous waiting for the fate's sign and not doing anything by oneself. Such choices in the book leads it's characters to the end or to the glory, to the happiness or to the abyss. This masterpiece is full of detailed analysis of the heroes, deep immersion into their psychology. Being followed for the author through all this plot turns attentive reader will be rewarded by the author's talent to reflect the deep psychology of the images.

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the return of the soldier

This is the best-known West’s novel. The story is told by a spinster whose whole life revolves around her cousin, his life and country mansion. This is the story of an English gentleman who goes off to World War I only to be returned not in a body bag or physically injured but with a severe case of amnesia. He does not recognize his pretty, smart wife; starts a youthful affair with a poor woman who is also married. The woman comes forth in the interest of helping him. The balance of the plot hangs in the consequences of recovery. The balance of the full experience of the novel is to watch characters changing or not changing their class prejudices and outlook in light of their experiences on this country estate. The novel is only 90 pages long, but it is as rich for exciting events as any other masterpiece of world’s literature. This story is wonderfully written and raises many themes, such as classism, elitism, true love and hate. Each character is fully developed and described. A book that should be read and discussed by everyone.

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Through the Eye of the Needle

Do you like Utopias?.. Then you have made the right choice. The book you have now is the third one in trilogy about Alturia. This time again the author chose the form of epistolary novel – the main character writes letters to his friend Cyril. He is a resident of Alturia – Utopian community in California. How is it to live there?.. Let’s have a look at Homos’ letters. There is no money in Alturia, so citizens have already forgotten the meanings of words «rich» and «poor». They don’t have to save as they can get everything they need any time. They don’t have to work hard – the workload is shared so that three hours a day is enough and even these little hours are turned into merry, lovely process. Want to find out more? Want to live in this paradise on Earth as well?..

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shakespeare lexicon and quotation dictionary a complete dictionary of all the

Approximately 50 000 quotations, both wide spread and uncommon, are collected from numerous Shakespeare’s work, both plays and poems. Two volumes combines full definitions, nuances of word meanings and quotations, organized by topic. Moreover, the author references any play or poem in which a given words is found.

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why the chimes rang

A play by Elizabeth Apthorp McFadden is an adapted version of the story of the same name by Raymond McDonald Alden. It is a marvelous Christmas story capturing the true meaning of this holy day. Its plot, simple but pithy, presents a beautiful tale of magical Christmas chimes, that remained silent for a long time until the unselfish gift of a child makes the bells ring throughout the land. Children of all ages will enjoy the Christmas miracle and the touching meaning of this story.

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Colonel Chabert

This book is a Carol Cosman's translation of Balzac's French 'Colonel Chabert' into the English. It is very felicitous translation that retains the style of the original French book.
It tells the story of a French military hero of the Napoleonic Wars, long thought to be dead, tries to recover his fortune and former wife through the help of a famous lawyer. He finds his wife remarried, and his pension gone. He employs a young, well-known lawyer to at least reclaim his pension. But first he has to convince the lawyer that he is the man that officially doesn’t exist…
The message is very amazing: having lost his ego through losing his “existence” in the society he acquires freedom…

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a vagabond journey around the world a narrative of personal experience

A Vagabond Journey Around the World was published for the first time in 1910. This is one of the most popular books by Harry A. Franck who was a famous traveler and for his travels was called as the Prince of Vagabonds. He was fond of traveling for his whole life taking a camera with him and taking pictures since he was a student because he always was attracted by the beauty of the landscapes. When traveling, he used to take notes, write down the tourists' tracks and his own impressions about enjoying traveling even without money or baggage. At a certain time of his life he felt that he should share his experience with other travelers. And in this way wonderful notes of his adventures in Vagabondia illustrated with his photographs appeared. The book is recommended for everyone who enjoys traveling and who likes stories about adventures, distant places and the beauty of the nature.

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To disobey the orders of the Council of Four was something impossible for a Space Admiral of the old school. But the thing is that the school has changed a lot. A fighter, an Admiral now has to think on his own if his people were to live.
An extremely fascinating and insightful book. Author shows great style, fantastic mastery of diction, and rhythm that is and of itself a tribute to the fine institution about which she writes. Tulane University: what is it? Does it differ from others? Is it greedy? Is this a place where the young mind is cultivated, and the seeds of knowledge sown that mixed with experience become the dangerous power called wisdom? Did many of Tulan graduates become millionaires? The answer is surprising. What if anything happened when television's Red Power Ranger visited the campus?

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the valley of shadows

Francis Grierson's "The Valley of Shadows" is a very special book published at the beginning of the previous century which describes the years of the Civil War in America. It is generally recognized that the novel produces a tremendous effect of its readers justifying its title of being one of the best short novels of that time. Grieson describes the life in America in Illinois before the Civil War, portents of war, the years before the presidency of Lincoln and the first years of him being a President. The style of the book is truly exceptional, it is lyrical, at the same time showing the the tensity of that period . The book is narrated from the children's point of view who is discovering the world with wonder and fear, that adds the charm to the book. It is even quite difficult to define the genre of the story. It combines humor with thriller and sufferings. The author paints his characters in minute detail so well that readers fall in love with the characters and the novel itself.

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The War in the Air

The War in the Air is one of the most remarkable novels by H. G. Wells that was written in 1907 and published a year later. This book is devoted to the events of World War I. The author does a great job in describing the terror of the war and how it influenced the lives of ordinary people. The main character is a young man named Bert Smallways. The author proposes his own vision on the role of different countries in the war. China and Japan are allies in Asia, Germany is aggressive and is dreaming of conquering the world. The public opinion in the United States is divided between those who are for entering the war and those who are against it. The British Empire is in pacific mood, occupied more with its internal problems in Northern Ireland. Italy, Spain and Portugal have a good army but don't want to fight. Russia is divided within itself because of the conflict between revolutionaries and reactionaries. The book is very interesting for reading as its plot if carrying-away and easy for understanding.

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