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the ghost

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The Whole Family: a Novel by Twelve Authors

This is a truly remarkable novel as 12 famous novelists and writers made their contribution to the creation of this book which was originally published in 1908. The circle of authors include William Dean Howells, Henry James, and Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. The plot of the novel is built around the young daughter of the Talbert family who is going through a number of romantic feelings and is experiencing first love, first betray and first tears. Some surprises are waiting for readers. For example, suddenly much older aunt becomes a quite modern and developed woman who serves as the rival for her niece. Each chapter was written by a different author which makes the story more interesting and complex. The Whole Family is full of traps and mysteries which are to be solved not only by the next authors but by readers as well. And despite all this, the book is unite and definitely enjoyable and carrying away.

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Chatterbox, 1906

When two large cities stand opposite to one another on the banks of ariver, it is not likely they can do very well without a bridge toconnect them. Yet the citizens of New York and Brooklyn were obliged tomanage as best they could for a good many years before they had theirbridge. There were many difficulties in the way. For one thing, theriver is very broad; for another, the tall-masted ships ply up and downso frequently that it would never do to build anything which wouldobstruct their passage; and to overcome these difficulties would meanthe expenditure of a vast sum of money. But the folk who earned theirdaily bread in New York and lived in Brooklyn grew thoroughly tired ofspending chilly hours in foggy weather on the river-side piers, waitingfor the ferry-boat to come and take them across, and at last they beganan agitation which resulted in the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Folk-Lore and Legends: North American Indian

Long before people mastered reading and writing they used to keep their legends telling them by word of mouth form one generation to another. Just 300 years ago millions of Indians inhabited the territory of North America. But Christian advocates mercilessly eliminated all the attributes of the American Indian culture, which run counter to religious dogmas of Vatican. The result was almost total loss of their cultural heritage, both written and verbal. The scientists are nothing else left to do but gather the information of the North American Indians, spared by a miracle, which can be found in folk-lore, legends and myths. This book provides the material that could be of great interest for all lovers of the mythological heritage of these people, their character and beliefs, imagination, magnanimity, moral sentiment, tender feeling, and humour.

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The Oak [serial] 1973

Issues not published in 1931-32, 1934-37. Last issue published in 1997.

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Legends of Vancouver

26 35

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The works of Abraham Lincoln

v. 1. Abraham Lincoln: the true story of a great life, with critical estimates, anecdotes, and stories ; Early speeches, 1832-1856 -- v. 2. Speeches and debates, 1856-1859 -- v. 3. Speeches and presidential addresses, 1859-1865 ; Anecdotes and conversations of Lincoln / F.B. Carpenter ; State papers, 1861-1865 -- v. 4. Letters and telegrams, messages to Congress, military orders, autobiography, memoranda, etc Monaghan, J. Lincoln bibliography Oakleaf, J. Lincoln bibliography Bound in cloth; frontispiece in each vol Each vol. is stamped: Bertrand Smith's Book Store "Acres of Books" 633 Main St., Cincinnati, Ohio 18

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Abraham Lincoln in contemporary caricature

Cover title From the American monthly review of reviews for February 1901, containing cartoons from the files of Harper's weekly, Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper, and Punch as well as a collection of lithographed poster cartoons issued by Currier and Ives; cartoons dated 1860-1865 Monaghan, J. Lincoln bibliography Fish, D. Lincoln bibliography Pamphlet, illustrated wrapper 18

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The works of Abraham Lincoln .. 4

I. Abraham Lincoln, the true story of a great life ; with critical estimates, stories and anecdotes.--II. Early speeches, 1832-1856.--III. Speeches and debates, 1856-1858.--IV. Speeches and debates, 1858-1859.--V. Speeches and presidential addresses, 1859-1865. Anecdotes and conversations of Lincoln, by F. B. Carpenter.--VI. State papers, 1861-1865.--VII. Letters and telegrams; messages to Congress; military orders; autobiography; etc.--VIII. Letters and telegrams; messages to Congress; military orders; memoranda, etc

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A Forgotten Hero

CHAPTER ONE.CASTLES IN THE AIR. "O pale, pale face, so sweet and meek, Oriana!" Tennyson."Is the linen all put away, Clarice?""Ay, Dame.""And the rosemary not forgotten?""I have laid it in the linen, Dame.""And thy day's task of spinning is done?""All done, Dame.""Good. Then fetch thy sewing and come hither, and I will tell theesomewhat touching the lady whom thou art to serve.""I humbly thank your Honour." And dropping a low courtesy, the girlleft the room, and returned in a minute with her work."Thou mayest sit down, Clarice."Clarice, with another courtesy and a murmur of thanks, took her seat inthe recess of the window, where her mother was already sitting. Forthese two were mother and daughter; a middle-aged, comfortable-lookingmother, with a mixture of firmness and good-nature in her face; and adaughter of some sixteen years, rather pale and slender, but active andintelligent in her appearance. Clarice's dark hair was smoothly brushedand turned up in a curl all round her head, being cut sufficiently shortfor that purpose. Her dress was long and loose, made in what we callthe Princess style, with a long train, which she tucked under one armwhen she walked. The upper sleeve was of a narrow bell shape, but underit came down tight ones to the wrist, fastened by a row of large roundbuttons quite up to the elbow. A large apron--which Clarice called abarm-cloth--protected the dress from stain. A fillet of ribbon wasbound round her head, but she had no ornaments of any kind. Her motherwore a similar costume, excepting that in her case the fillet round thehead was exchanged for a wimple, which was a close hood, covering headand neck, and leaving no part exposed but the face. It was a very

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