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towards a metrics suite for object oriented design

The book deals with the process of software development and the role of information technology focusing on the special role of the improvement in the software development area. Due to the progress demands a great quantity of new and improved approaches appeared. The authors consider that object-orientation (OO) is the most popular among them. Moreover, the book focuses on the problems of measurement and metrics. It gives an insight to the ways of how managers use metrics for process improvement.

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El Dictador Linares Biografia

Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of California and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

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The El Borak Stories

The El Borak stories that are in the public domain.

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Pollyanna Grows Up

Pollyanna Grows Up is a wonderful story that was written by Eleanor Porter as the second part of Pollyanna adventures. The story is magical and wonderful, narrated with a good sense of humor and with the use of great vocabulary. In this part of the sequel Pollyanna gets better after the car accident and returns to Boston because of her wonderful nurse Della Wetherby whose sister Ruth Carew has lost her son Jamie who was taken by his father. Thus, she feels very miserable and sad. Ruth lives in a big house and does nothing because of her tragedy and at first she cannot stand Pollyanna but then understands that the girl helps her forget her sadness. In Boston Pollyanna meets a lot of people and many of them become her friends. She also is looking for Jamie for a long time. In this part of the story we see how Pollyanna grows up and becomes serious and more experienced. It is very interesting to see how her personality develops and changes. The novel is definitely recommended to all fans of the first part as it is equally charming and wonderful.

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Robin Hood

Joseph Walker McSpadden’s srories are a wonderful version of a famous classic tale of Robin Hood. In this book the legendary character appears still more colourful and bright thief, every inch a gentleman. The author invites to join the cheerful company, residing in Sherwood Forest, nasty Sheriff of Nottingham, charming Maid Marian and many other amusing characters.

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The Adventures of Sally

Until she inherited 25 thousand dollars, Sally’s life used to be quite simple – a huge inheritance makes everything much more complicated, even the relations with one she loves and trusts most. A young unsophisticated heroine of Wodehouse's novel “The Adventures of Sally” has to put her life back together. Here Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, an English writer of the 20th century, relates, with wit and charm, of disasters and adversity money can bring along.

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The Hacker Crackdown, law and disorder on the electronic frontier

Bruce Sterling's classical work tells about the assail on hackers in 1990, when law-enforcement officials succeeded in arresting a lot of suspected illegal hackers and other criminals who worked with computers. These incursions became symbolic of the debate between struggling with serious computer crimes and protecting civil freedoms. However, "The Hacker Crackdown" is more than just story about many police operations. It's a vivid tour of three cyberspace subcultures – the world of hackers, the kingdom of the cybercops, and the idealistic life of cybercivil liberterians. At first the author tells about the birth of a cyberspace: the invention of the telephone. Thus appear first hackers – boys who worked as telephone operators. They used their technical skills, and love of tricks to cause damages of telephone lines. From simple phone-related hi-jinks, Sterling invites us to the world of hacking and introduces many of the culprits - some who are fighting for reason, some who are in it for kicks, and some who are ordinary criminals after a quick buck. Sterling in details describes the victories and failures of the people strained to deal with the illegal hackers and tells how they built-up their own subculture as cybercops. The author discusses the ethical and legal problems of online law enforcement by asking what rights are given to suspects and to those who have private e-mail kept on suspects' computers. "The Hacker Crackdown" tells about computer crimes, computer criminals and people who try to fight these crimes.

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William Tell Told Again

“William Tell Told Again” is a Pelham Grenville Wodehouse’s variation of a story of Tell. Being one of the earliest works of this prolific English author it is a simple tale of good triumphing over evil. The author takes some liberties with the legend itself, and certainly turns it into a humorous light-hearted children’s story.
An enjoyable reading for old and young; for Wodehouse’s admirers and for those who are still on the threshold of the brilliant humorous and charming world of his books.

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The Adventurer

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