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Too Good to be True

Grace has been making up boyfriends since she was a little girl so when her sister feels guilty for stealing Grace's fiance she makes up another one. Like the title says, this man is "too good to be true," but her family jumps at the chance to meet him. Wyatt Dunn is perfect, a pediatric surgeon that rescues cats in his spare time, its hard to find anything not to love in this new fake boyfriend. Meanwhile the house next door gets a new inhabitant in the form of the sexy ex-con Callahan O'Shea. He's everything a girl can dream about (minus the minimum security prison time he served) and Grace soon starts to feel a huge attraction for him. Sadly she still has to perpetuate the lie of the fake boyfriend in front of her family and that means doing it in front of Callahan as well. How can she date Callahan the ex-con when her family will compare him to the fake standards of Wyatt Dunn? There's also some pretty funny antics with her parents and her gay best friend that I'm not going to get into but they were quite hilarious.

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Just One of the Guys

Journalist Chastity O'Neill has returned to her hometown and taken a job at a local paper. The youngest of five children and only daughter has a family full of heroes, yet she faints at the sight of blood and gore. Her heart still belongs to Trevor, a firefighter and the only guy she's truly loved. He also happens to be her brother's best friend and an honorary son to her parents, who recently divorced when dad refused to retire and put mom first for a change. As she and her mom enter the dating pool (and mom is much more successful), they take a defense class taught by a local surgeon, and she captures his attention and being the oafish nearly six foot Amazon that she is, manages to hurt him in a demonstration. As she and Ryan start a new relationship, she can't seem to forget Trevor. But will she take the advice of her mother and let another one into her heart?

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Fools Rush In

Millie Barnes has just finished her medical residency and moved back to her childhood home of Cape Cod. Not only does she move back to partner the local doctors practice and see her family but to snag the man of her dreams Joe Carpenter the carpenter. Millie has been in love with Joe since the age of fourteen when they attended the local high school. After years of research and reconnaissance missions (similar to stalking, the good kind) Millie is adamant that she will capture Joe’s attention, heart and make him hers forever. However could the local cop with lots of compilations throw a spanner in the works?

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Three Wishes

THREE WISHES is an interesting tale about Bree Walker, a waitress who lives in a small town in Vermont. Walking home, she's struck by a car on a snowy night and lands in the hospital with no memory of how she got there. Even though she can't remember much, she is positive that she's been granted three wishes. Are these wishes real? If she uses them, what happens after using that last wish? She's always wanted a soul mate, a family and a home, but at what cost to her to wish these things into her life? Is it worth the risk?

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While My Sister Sleeps

Molly Snow has always lived in the shadow of her older sister, Robin, who is a determined runner bound for Olympic greatness. Whereas Robin has always shone in the spotlight and is the apple of their mother's eye, Molly likes to remain behind the scenes, fulfilling her passion for botany, where she works in her family's business, the Snow Hill Greenhouse. Sometimes to her chagrin, Molly is also expected to support Robin's running, timing her practices and driving her to meets.

On a day Molly was supposed to be with Robin, tragedy strikes when Robin is found unconscious on the roadside by another runner. After being admitted to the ICU, it is determined that Robin had a massive heart attack that deprived her for oxygen for too long and left her brain dead. In the days that follow, each family is grappling with Robin's accident in different ways: Charlie, her father, tries to be the silent supporter, Chris, her brother, wants Robin off the life support, Kathyrn, her mother, believes that Robin will come out of this, and Molly just wants to do what Robin would have wanted, even though she doesn't know what this is.

While dealing with the guilt she feels for not being there for her sister, Molly is determined to do right by Robin and figure out what she wanted. Little does she know the family secrets she will unveil while looking for an answer.

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a childs romance

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The Vineyard

Olivia Jones accompanied by her nine-year old troubled daughter Tess agrees to write the memoirs of Natalie Seebring, owner of the Asquoniet Vineyard and Winery in Rhode Island. Natalie stuns her adult children, Susanne and Greg when she announces her intention to marry Carl Burke, the long-term manager of the winery although their beloved father has been dead only six months.
Iit is a struggle for her to talk about her feelings, Natalie hires Olivia to help her tell the truth to her children in order to gain their blessing for her wedding. Olivia is unaware that she is entering a major family feud. However, she quickly comes to love her employer, who makes her and her daughter feel like part of an extended family. Carl's son Simon makes Olivia want to believe in fairy tales, but she fears that he will desert her like everyone else in her life has done. Olivia, the Seebrings, and the Burkes have many personal obstacles to overcome if they are to learn what true loving means.

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The "Little Peter" papers

Seal of Veteran association of the First corps of cadets, 101st engineers, on cover

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The Ties That Bind

She watched him with a curiosity that led to attraction.
Finally Shannon Raine decides to stop speculating about her dark, brooding neighbor on California's rugged Mendocino coastline -- and just introduce herself. But the last thing she expects to find in this enclave of artists and writers is a Silicon Valley mogul. Garth Sheridan is cool, sensual and intriguing. And immediately Shannon knows the passion that flares between them will become intense and all-consuming.
But the more intimate their desire becomes, the more Garth's life seems hidden from Shannon. She longs to understand this man and the other life he leads, far from the scenic haven they share. Somehow she has to convince Garth that he can trust her with the part of him that rules the ruthless, high-stakes arena of big money and corporate power. For only then can their two worlds become one.

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Together Alone

Emily who lost a child by abduction feels guilty because she left her son, Daniel, alone for a few minutes. She considered her small town safe but still blames herself. Her husband Doug blames her also. At a time when Emily needed TLC Doug pushed her away and mentally left her alone. She continues for years to look for her son while her husband starts a new family, in another town, with another woman. Of course Emily has no knowledge of this. She has two best friends; Kay and Celeste. Celeste is divorced and looking for love. Kay is married but considers her husbands hugs and kisses a nuisance and pushes him away. She has what Emily and Celeste want but can't see it their way. Then Brian and baby daughter come into Emily's life and she's needed again but not sure she wants the responsibility after all. Different people different needs and wants but they're all looking for one thing, love.

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