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The Promise of American Life

The Promise of American Life is the book of Herbert Croly, the man who started The new Republic, a famous American journal. It’s said that after reading this book Theodore Roosevelt adopted the New Nationalism.
Croly thought that American values of liberalism and individualism were substituted by that of industrialism and urbanism. He suggested the new political doctrine, mixing nationalism, social responsibility and care about others. He also insisted on centralization of power in the Federal Government to make democracy stronger.
If you want to have several hours of wise thoughts and great ideas, this book is for you.

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The surgical instruments of the Hindus with a comparative study of the surgical instruments of the Greek, Roman, Arab and the modern Eouropean [!] surgeons

Vol. 2, plates "List of works consulted": v. 1, p. [367]-371

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Fiat Money Inflation in France

Andrew Dickson White, academic, ambassador and author, offers a detailed examination of the inflation, which took place in France of the 1790s: the reasons and consequences. The book describes irrational human behavior in times of financial crises, when currency had sunk to about one three-hundredth part of its nominal value and, after that, to nothing. Inquiring into the subject and the chain of events that occurred, White tried to dissuade the US Government of printing its own paper money.

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From Farm to Fortune

Nat Nason was a simple village boy who lives in poverty. He has nothing but an extremely strong wish to make his life better. Living in the farm is quite difficult for him, and after having a quarrel with his greedy uncle, with whom he lived, he decided to go away. Nat had money and it was a struggle to get to the big city, where he thought fame and luck already waited for him. Accidently the boy obtained a considerable sum of money, which he decided to invest into his so called business. But a swindler quickly scammed the boy, and opened Nat's eyes to the fact that he was not as astute as he considered himself to be. The lesson he was taught appeared to be quite valuable, and from that moment the country boy did his best to not alone win success but to deserve it. He worked a lot, often surrounded by serious difficulties, and what the result of his struggle was, will be found in the pages which go next. Writing this novel author wanted to show the difference between quiet careless life in the country place and in a great fussy city, and especially as that difference shows itself to the eyes of a country boy. Many country guys imagine themselves conquering the big city, winning success and becoming wealthy; obviously they will not think that way after they have read Nat's story. More than once, in spite of his stamina and courage, Nat came close to making a complete failure of what he had started out to do, and his success in the end was not that great as he expected.

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Introduction to zoology; a guide to the study of animals, for the use of secondary schools;

"A list of books dealing chiefly with ecological and systematic zoology of American animals": p. 369-382

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injury and insult

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the state its history and development viewed sociologically

Franz Oppenheimer was a German sociologist and political economist. Oppenheimer's views are libertarian and he considered himself to be a liberal socialist. He was greatly influenced by such anarchistic thinkers as Proudhon and Kropotkin but also by libertarians such as Henry George and in line with the thinking of Albert Jay Nock. Oppenheimer sees the state as being born in violence and resulting from the oppression of one class by another. However, he does not completely condemn the state, remaining neutral in this book and maintaining the stance of a classical liberal. Oppenheimer's views are also tinted with a belief in progress, democracy, and evolutionism, and as such he believed that the state could eventually be overcome and result in a democratic society of freemen. This book is an important read for the serious student of history. It adds that extra level of knowledge that one would otherwise not even think about.

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About This Book2 States: The Story of My Marriage is a 2009 novel written by Chetan Bhagat. It is the story about a couple coming from two different states of India, who face hardships in convincing their parents and persuading them to get married. The novel is a fiction, but is said to be inspired from the real story[1] of the author and his wife Anusha who are from Delhi and Tamil Nadu, respectively.About This StoryThe story is about Krish and Ananya who hail from two different states of India,... Read more: http://www.trickswindow.com/2010/04/chetan-bhagaths-2-states-story-of-my.html

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Effects of oral reading rate and reinforcement on reading comprehension

Typescript Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Florida, 1981 Vita Bibliography: leaves 157-162 SPECIAL EDUCATION PH. D aby

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Karl Marx and modern socialism

Contains Bibliography of Marx's writings, p. 257-259; also selected bibliography of works about Marx, p. 259-260 26

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