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the masters world union scheme being a scheme of world federation on the basis

Originally published in 1921. This volume from the Cornell University Library's print collections was scanned on an APT BookScan and converted to JPG 2000 format by Kirtas Technologies. All titles scanned cover to cover and pages may include marks notations and other marginalia present in the original volume.

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how to know people by their hands

PART ONEAnalysis and InterpretationChapter L THE VARIOUS TYPES OF HANDS AND THEIR CHARACTERISTICS"WHAT, will these hands ne'er be clean? Here's the smell of blood still: all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand."More truly than she knew, was the sign of murder on Lady Mac-beth's hand. In people's hands are all their buried hopes, their wants, their loves, their passions-the best and worst they have ever done or ever hope to do. If you can read the stories in their hands, you will know your friends and enemies even better than they know themselves.One of the few things which modern, scientific hand analysis has retained from the lore of_ ancient palmistry is the classification of human hands by their shapes. Though various students of the hand have divided their subject into as many as 170 typical divisions, most authorities agree on seven basic types, each with its characteristic traits.THE ELEMENTARY HANDThe elementary hand belongs to the simpleTable of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS; INTRODUCTION; PART I TUE ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF THE IIANDS; i types of hands; ELEMENTARY CONIC SQUARE SPATULATE KNOTTY POINTED COMBINED TYPES MIXED; h fingers; LONG AND SHORT WIDTH AND CONTOUR FLEXIBILITY CROOKED DOMINANT PHALANXES JUPITER FINGER SATURN FINGER APOLLO FINGER MERCURY FINGER INTERPRETATION; m thumb; LARGE AND SMALL SETTING PHALANXES PHALANX OE REASON BASE PHALANX CHARACTERISTIC SHAPES FLEXIBILITY; iv palm; HOLLOW LARGE AND SMALL LEFT AND RIGHT; v mounts of the hand; MOUNT JUPITER MOUNT SATURN MOUNT APOLLO MOUNT MERCURY MOUNT LUNA MOUNT VENUS THREE MOUNTS OF MARS; vi lines of the palm '; COLOR QUALITY TIME AND AGE IN THE HAND; vii line of life viii line of head; lx line of heart x line of destiny; xi line of apollo xii lines of sex influence; LINES OF FERTILITY; CONTENTS Continued; XIII LINE OF HEALTH OR HEPATICA 71; XIV

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The History of Mary Prince

Mary Prince was a Bermudian woman born into slavery in Brackish Pond. When she was 12, she was sold to Captain John Ingham. After several times being sold and bought she finally married Daniel James, a former slave who had bought his freedom and worked as a carpenter and cooper. This book describes in details the reality of the slave experience: the dehumanization of Black people, the moral degradation of their masters, and the ever-present violence. Prince's story is also an important early defense of the humanity of people of African descent. She notes that slave masters "think that black people are like cattle, without natural affection. But my heart tells me it is far otherwise". Prince tells about her labor in the salt ponds of Turk's Island, her conflict with a hired mulatto woman, her spiritual life in the Moravian Church, and many other topics. And finally celebrates the desire and hope for freedom: "All slaves want to be free".

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The Negro

A pioneering work on African-American history by an American civil rights activist, historian, author, William Edward Burghardt Du Bois. The author inquires into vast strata of African history, from the devastation caused by European colonization to the lives of blacks in the early 20th century; touches upon the centuries of the slave trade and overviews the history of the black in the United States.

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our nig or sketches from the life of a free black in a two story white house

Autobiographical novel of Harriet Wilson, “Our Nig: sketches from the life of a free black in a two story white house” is probably of the most interest among her other works. The novel, published in 1859, remained disregarded till 1982. Wilson became the first female African-American novelist.
It is a life story of a black woman, Frado, abused and overworked servant to a New England family; it gives a general idea of what the life of the black in the North was like, told from the point of view of the victim.

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the ascent of the matterhorn

In July 1865 an obscure printer named Edward Whymper became the most talked-about man in the Victorian age. He had climbed the Matterhorn, one of the world's legendary mountains, and one of the last to be conquered in the Alps, but he had earned his glory at a horrible cost. A rope snapped during the descent and four of his seven-strong team fell to their deaths. Portions sufficient to fill three coffins were later retrieved. Of the fourth man - a Lord, no less - nothing was found save a shoe, a pair of gloves and a coat sleeve. The Matterhorn disaster was one of those tragedies of which the Victorians were so fond and to which they were so prone. It became one of the memorable events of the age, on a par with Livingstone's death in Africa and Scott's fate at the South Pole. Today, the controversy whether he directly or indirectly caused their deaths continues to rage.

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early recollections and life of dr james still

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Poems Chiefly from Manuscript

Poems Chiefly from Manuscript is a collection of more than two thousand poems written by John Clare. Some of them have been published a number of times and gained popularity among readers; others were preserved in the form of manuscript and have not seen the world till now. When reading the book, you will notice the personal development of the author, the reflection of his views and believes as well as his interpretation of the life of his contemporary society and the problems in it. All poems are structured chronologically although some of them belong to an unknown period.

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the story of my life and work

An autobiography by Booker Taliaferro Washington (1856 –, 1915), a black American political leader, educator, orator and author. The most famous and powerful black man in the country, he founded the Tuskegee Institute in 1881, which was his life’s work. His personality is unique, his work has been exceptional, his circle of friendships has constantly widened; his race, through his utterances and labors, has felt an upward tendency, and he himself has been an example of what worth and energy can accomplish and a stimulus to every one of both races, aspiring to a better life and to doing good for others.

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Harriet, the Moses of Her People

Harriet, the Moses of Her People belongs to the pen of Sarah Bradford, who is known as an outstanding historian and biographer. Some of her other works include Disraeli, George VI, Princess Grace, and Elizabeth. This particular book invites readers to the world of Harriet Tubman who was a slave at the beginning of his life and then during the civil war fought for the rights of her people. It is an amazing biography of one of the most outstanding women in America who truly influenced the course of the history. Harriet, the Moses of Her People was published for the first time in 1869 and since then it has been republished a number of times as it always makes a strong impression on readers.

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