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Text book of vertebrate zoology

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Supreme Personality

The book touches upon the problem of self-realization, aiding people free from limitations and realize the boundless possibilities, everyone possess. Containing lessons on supreme control on conditions, age, law of success, mental healing and others, it calls to overcome doubt, fear and worry, for people to achieve harmony with nature, success, health and happiness.
The author, Delmer Eugene Croft, demonstrates several ways we can gain it in his work “Supreme Personality”.

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The Awakening

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the spirit of islam or the life and teachings of mohammed

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the christian approach to islam

By James Levi Barton (1855-1936), who wrote extensively about the philosophical and theological problems with Islam, and served as the Foreign Secretary of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Most famous for his documentation of the atrocities and genocide of the Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

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outlines of the history of dogma

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: part t. THE RISE OF ECCLESIASTICAL DOGMA. BOOK I. THE PREPARATION. CHAPTER I. HISTORICAL SURVEY. THE first century of the existence of Gentile- Christian communities is characterized, (1) by the rapid retirement of Jewish Christianity, (2) by religious enthusiasm and the strength of the future hope, (3) by a severe morality deduced from the Masters' teaching, (4) by the manifold form and freedom of expression of belief, on the basis of plain formulas and ever increasing tradition, (5) by the lack of a definite authority, in the transition to a recognized outward authority among the churches, (G) by the lack of a political connection among the various communities, and by an organization which was firm and yet permitted individual liberty, (7) by the development of a peculiar literary activity, claiming assent to its newly produced facts, (8) by the reproduction of detached phrases and individualinferences from the apostolical teaching, without a clear understanding of the same, (9) by the cropping out of those tendencies which served in every way to hasten the process already begun of fusing the Gospel with the spiritual and religious interests of the time,—with Hellenism,—as well as by numerous attempts to wrench the Gospel free from its native setting and to introduce elements foreign to it. And finally, above-all, it belonged to the (Hellenic) representation to consider knowledge, not as a (charismatic) supplement to faith, but as of like essence with it. CHAPTER II. GROUND COMMON TO CHRISTIANS AND ATTITUDE TAKEN TOWARD JUDAISM. Beliefs That the great majority of Christians had com- Common mon beliefs is indicated by this fact, among others, that gnosticism was gradually expelled from the churches. Assurance of the knowledge of the true God, con...

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the oxford movement twelve years 1833 1845

Originally published in 1892. This volume from the Cornell University Library's print collections was scanned on an APT BookScan and converted to JPG 2000 format by Kirtas Technologies. All titles scanned cover to cover and pages may include marks notations and other marginalia present in the original volume.

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lancelot andrewes

The name of bishop Andrewes is so reverently cherished by English Churchmen, that many will probably feed a Le of disappointment in aiding the story of his career. The fact is, that he owes his great reputation more to his gift of preaching and to the depth and beauty of his devotional life, than to the part he played in the history of the Church or in public affairs. The sphere in which he moved was but little suited to his temperament. His great literary capacity was spent in controversial encounters which were scarcely worthy of his genius. Indeed, the published work of Andrewes, like other products of English theology, is occasional in character, and the controversy with Bellarmine and Du Perron is important chiefly as throwing light on the bishop's conception of the office and mission of the English Church.
An English theologian Robert Lawrence Ottley’s account of Lancelot Andrewes (1555 –1626), an English clergyman and scholar, who held high positions in the Church of England during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I.

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the hindu yogi science of breath

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the gospel of john

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: INTRODUCTION The first Christians had no written Gospel. When they first came into the fellowship of the church they learned a short compend of the doings and sayings of Jesus which Paul calls the '.'tradition" or "traditions" because it was "handed down" from older Christians to those who later came into the churches. Paul gives two quotations from this " tradition" as he knew it (I Cor. 11:2, 23;. 15:3). Nothing more was needed, for early Christians were more interested in the glorified Christ seated at the right hand of God than in the historical Jesus of Galilee, and they were expecting his speedy return on the clouds of heaven to usher in the messianic regime. No one thought of writing books. The few letters, perhaps twelve in all, which have come down to us from the first thirty-five years of Christian history were each written to serve some immediate and pressing need, not for preservation as books. In the seventh decade of the first century something occurred to change this. The earliest Gospel was written. This was not simply the reduction to writing of the familiar "tradition," for it does not accord with the two fragments of that tradition which we find in First Corinthians. The earliest Gospel embodies a rival " tradition," differing at important points from that of Paul. How is this to be explained ? And above all how came a Gospel to be written at all when men were expecting the speedy end of the age ? The ancient explanation was, that upon the death of Peter, Mark, who had served as his interpreter in his preaching among the Greek-speaking congregations of the West, sought to preserve from oblivion the memorabilia of Jesus which he had often heard Peter relate, and so committed them to writing. This idea is clearly reflected in II Pet. 1:15, and in Justin Dial...

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