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Dear Brutus

Works of Scottish author and dramatist J.M.Barrie evidence of his deep understanding of human nature and full of sudden elements of irony and sarcastic humor. The “Dear Brutus” is considered by many to be Barrie’s perfect piece of literature. The story describes several people, who enter a magic wood where they are transformed into the people they might have become had they made different choices. When they return to reality, they recollect their true identities, but the experience has changed them forever, made them happier. This tragic comedy about second chances combines, excellently, real life and fantasy, humor and tragedy.

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The Sea Hunters: True Adventures with Famous Shipwrecks

It is the true Adventures with Famous Shipwrecks is a nonfiction work by adventure novelist Clive Cussler. This work details the authors search for famous shipwrecks with his nonprofit organization NUMA. There is also a television series titled The Sea Hunters which is based on the book.It airs on the National Geographic Channel and History Television in Canada.

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politics and administration a study in government

This book is a seminal and scholarly study of the unique balance of power between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government in American democracy. Tracing the evolution of the United States from a "spoils" system as embraced during the Jackson area, into a government that distinguishes political officials from civil administrators, ‘Politics And Administration’ has endured the test of time with its solid insights into the workings of our nation.

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dear faustina

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new review eragon

Kody's book review

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England under the Tudors

“England under the Tudors” is an amazing historic book. The author covers all the moments os life of the Tudor England. Excerpt from the book ” . The /Tudor monarchs claimed that in the last resort they could command obedience, but they took the utmost pains to produce the impression that, though the initiative might lie with them, they attributed the highest importance to the approbation of Parliament i)and when the broad lines of their policy were approved, they occasionally found it convenient to keep Parliament undissolved. Their principle was to secure their own way by giving it the appearance of being the People's will”.

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Sex and Society

Studies in the Social Psychology of Sex. A work by an American sociologist and social psychologist, a representative of psychological insight in sociology. The treatise deals with the difference in bodily habit between men and women, which exerts an important upon social forms and activities, as well as on the character and mind of the two sexes.

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democratic ideals and reality a study in the politics of reconstruction

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Transactions of the Zoological Society of London Vol 9

Incorporated by: Journal of Zoology : Series B ZOOLOGY - Vol. 1-37 (1833-1984) ENTOMOLOGY - 1833-1953 (incomplete) TRING - Vol. 1-36 (1833-1983) Vol. 1 (1833) - vol. 37 (1984) Zoology missing Vol. 21 (1916-36) 2 4 5 6 Itemid 124203 Itemid 124204 Itemid 124205 Itemid 124206 Itemid 124207

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