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the history of the five indian nations depending on the province of new york

A book of historic value, written by the assistant governor of New York tells much about Northeastern Indian customs, complicated relations of the five nations with historic accuracy and the details that sometimes can plunge one into horror.

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The Sport of the Gods

One of the five novels, and the last one, by seminal African American poet of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Paul Laurence Dunbar. The book is a metaphor, telling the story of an African-American family, which proceeds its way from well-being to imprisonment and degradation. Displaced, they struggle to survive in early Harlem. Powerful writing, profound in its message, and vivid details recount the effect city life has of African Americans.

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Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans

Simple stories of warriors, explorers, scientists, inventors and other historical figures and outstanding people were written by an American historian and novelist, Edward Eggleston, in order to grip the attention of the youngest, thus to stimulate interest for further studying. Educational and interesting, the stories appear to be a wonderful introduction to history.

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the indian tribes of the upper mississippi valley and region of the great lakes

The last work by Emma Helen Blair, a United States historian, journalist and editor, who’s most notable book was a monumental documentary history of the Philippines. It relates Indian history and customs of Great Lakes and Midwest.

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on the plantation a story of a georgia boys adventures during the war

This book is one of the 200 most recommended, famous and most valued for a reader in the Confederation. It is also for those who carry out some researches, connected with the history and also for people who collects information related with America. The author - Richard Barksdale Harwell – comments that it is nothing but an autobiography piece of composition and no one should look out something else in it. But of course the reader should be attentive and pick out some facts to produce one’s own opinion and to sift facts from fiction.

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the indian school at carlisle barracks

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the abnakis and their history

Short but informative, this unique book is devoted to a tribe of Native American and First Nations people. Written in 1866, it offers valuable information on the Indians of the Northeast, Abnaki language, writing, customs, religion, and the character of the Indians. “The history of Acadia is strictly connected with the history of the Christian Church in New England, and to preserve its fragments is to give a contribution to the history of the Catholic Church in America. The Aborigines of Acadia were the first native Americans that received the light of the Gospel and embraced the Christian religion”.

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The Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer; On Human Nature

Arthur Schopenhauer was a German philosopher famous for his atheistic pessimism and philosophical clarity. Schopenhauer's metaphysical analysis of will, his views on human motivation and longing, and his unbelievable writing style influenced many well-known thinkers including Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Wagner, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and many others. This book contains Schopenhauer’s essays in which he discusses human nature.

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tales of languedoc

A collection of folktales from the South of France, presented as if being narrated by different storytellers, including "The Story of the Three Strong Men", "A Blind Man's Story", and "The Marriage of Monsieur Arcanvel".

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A House of Gentlefolk

Famous work by Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev, a Russian novelist, dramatist, and short-story writer, considered to be the founder of the Russian realistic novel. He was the author whose unexceptionable literary skill correlates with not less unexceptionable knowledge of human soul. Turgenev enriched Russian literature with the most fascinating women’s characters and wonderful, poetical descriptions of nature. “A House of Gentlefolk” is one of the most subtle and sad novels of the author. This is a beautiful story of love, broken hopes and complicated life of a brilliant clever man, who made a tragic mistake one day and is forced to pay for it during his entire life. In the centre of the narration a tragic love story of Lisa and Lavretsky: the heroes meet each other, fall in love, but unable to accept the feeling. During a short period of time they experience both hope for happiness and despair, understanding that it is impossible. They are looking for answers for questions life asks them – of personal happiness, of responsibility for people, of self-denial and place in life.

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