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The Defence of Duffer's Drift

The Defence of Duffer's Drift is a book written by Major General Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton, who was an eyewitness of several wars and moreover Lieutenant during the Second Boer War (1899-1902). In the book he gives a detailed account of the event, mostly describing the tactics used while defending the river crossing by 50 men of an infantry. He summarizes the war’s resume not omitting faults and mistakes that enemies never forgive. Swinton gives lessons, so thoroughly explaining every action and using special war terms that the reader can learn much from that.

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Indiscretions of Archie

The novel of P. G. Wodehouse is actually a collection of short stories, connected by common line of narration. The main character, unfortunate Archie, finds himself in a situation of a growing up conflict with his short of temper and rigid father-in-law, millionaire Mr. Brewster. With all this going on, every Archie’s false step turns round to be a good fortune. So, with the help of his charming wife Lucille, he makes himself career out of series of disasters. Scenes and characters, alternating each other in a cheerful bustle, won’t let readers to be bored, but captivated by irresistible humorous style on writing.

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The Idiot

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The Pursuits of literature : a satirical poem in four dialogues, with notes

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Love Among the Chickens

The central character of the novel is Ukridge, a sort of beautiful dreamer who wanders about above the fray of dealing with reality. It’s quite dangerous to know him! He'll invite you out to have a dinner, discover he has no money, borrow the money from you and never return his debt. There is no to say, friends try to avoid him. Jeremy Garnet, the aspiring novelist, has successfully avoided his old school friend for some time when bad luck causes Ukridge to find Garnet's address. Soon, Ukridge is found barreling through the door along with the new Mrs. Ukridge to invite Garnet to the shore to co found an entrepreneurial enterprise, a chicken farm. In Ukridge's eyes, this is a made-to-order money machine. You borrow some chickens, raise some of your own, return the original chickens and your bounty expands from there. Naturally, neither Ukridge nor Garnet have any knowledge or experience about raising chickens to lay eggs. On the way to the shore, Garnet sees a lovely young woman who's reading one of his novels. He's immediately stunned, and the complications begin…

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In Defense of Women

In Defense of Women is a peculiar collection of double standards and incorrect stereotypes, which till nowadays are widespread among people. Mencken’s purpose was to disprove at least some of these harmful opinions. To support his position he cited numerous examples of the female's overwhelming skill and cunning.
The book of a great interest, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes humorous, it fixed Mencken's reputation as a satirical writer.

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The Little Nugget

“The Little Nugget” is one of the earliest works of Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, an English writer, whose prolific writings continue to be widely read.
An eleven-year-old Ogden Ford, a pompous, overweight son of an American millionaire is a costly target for several separate kidnappers, trying to get hold of this unpleasant child. Both thriller and romance, it is a wonderful example of Wodehouse's classic comedy. The light-hearted story is full of amusing characters and humorous situations, though sometimes melancholic, falling into reflections on love.

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Psmith, Journalist

Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, classic of English comic prose of the 20th century, is a creator of legendary Jeeves and Wooster, as well as numerous other characters, whose brilliant aphorisms have already become common, popular sayings. “Psmith, Journalist” relates of an untiring adventurer, who gets into a pretty mess at every turn, trying to busy himself with something useful. All the problems that follow are solved in an elegant and ingenious manner. It is a story, full of sparkling humor, about unimaginable adventures of a high society idler. Coming to a conclusion that good old England it is too much for his great ideas, Psmith sets off to New York, where he finds himself in the centre of criminal events.

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Peck's Uncle Ike and the red headed boy

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lady frederick a comedy in three acts

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