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the profession of judaism four sermons delivered on new years eve and morning

Four Sermons Delivered On New Year's Eve And Morning, September 18th And 19th, And On The Eve And Morning Of The Day Of Atonement, September 27th And 28th, 1895.

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reconstruction messages from a seventh day baptist pulpit in wartime

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHRISTMAS SERMON And of his kingdom there shall be no end. Luke 1: 33b. r I ODAY we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the Prince of Peace, while millions of mankind are enthralled in the Great War, which negatives every sentiment of brotherhood. We hearken to the song of the angels, hovering over the plains of Bethlehem, and their heavenly anthems are drowned by the moan of mothers and the cry of children, the greatest sufferers of the awful conflict. We lift our eyes to look upon the pastoral picture of the peaceful shepherds and their silent sheep on the hills of Judea, and get instead a vision of dying men, and human bodies bullet-maimed and Bleeding. We pause to catch the fragrance of frankincense, the gift of the wise men of the East to the new-born King, and breathe instead deadly gases, the latest and most inhuman of all war's horrible instruments of destruction. Men are saying, "Christianity has failed, and the civilization she has been building for centuries has collapsed." Many have become skeptical: skeptical of a God who would permit such havoc of human hopes and ideals; skeptical of the race that with such slight provocation could revert over night to cruel barbarism. But in an atmosphere thus surcharged by the strife of arms and by the clash of conflicting ideals, the Christian minister dares to bring a messageof peace, founded on the prophecy of the angel, and grounded in the life of Mary's Son. "And of his kingdom there, shall be no end." At the time when the angel made this announcement, history had recorded the rise and fall of many nations. The theocratic kingdom of Israel had been rubbed off the map, and her people dispersed and expatriated. Judah was but an insignificant province of the Roman Empire. The Imperial City by the Tiber alrea...

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Five one act plays

The dear departed.--Fancy free.--The master of the house.--Phipps.--The fifth commandment

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Arboreal life and the evolution of the human eye : a revised publication of the Bowman lecture delivered before the Ophthalmological Society of the United Kingdom in May, 1921

Reprinted from vol. XLI of the Transactions of the Ophthalmological Society." - Pref Bibliography: p. 107-108

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On blendings of synonymous or cognate expressions in English; a contribution to the study of contamination

Thesis--Lund "Some of the works consulted and quoted": p. [ix]-xv

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Festival plays; one-act pieces for New Year's day , St. Valentine's day, Easter, All Hallowe'en, Christmas and a child's birthday

Father Time and his children (New Year's day)--Tertulla's garden, or The miracle of good St. Valentine (Valentine's day)--The seven sleepers of Ephesos (Easter)--Princess Moss Rose (for every child's birthday)--The testing of Sir Gawayne (Hallowe'en)--A Christmas party (Christmas)

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Jewish forerunners of Christianity

Introduction.--Hillel the Babylonian; Shammai the nationalist.--Jesus of Nazareth.--Yochanan ben Zakkai.--'Haninah ben Dosa.--Eliezer ben Hyrkanos.--Josua ben Hananiah.--Akibah the revolutionist.--Rabbi Mair the illustrious, and Acher the agnostic.--Simon ben Yohai; his son Eleazar.--Rabbi Juda the prince.--Notes Includes index

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Pieces and plays for Lincoln's birthday

"Recitations for primary grades and older pupils; acrostics; verses for familiar tunes; quotations; anecdotes; epigrams; dialogues and plays, and suggestive programs"--T.p Recitations for primary pupils -- Recitations for older pupils -- Acrostics -- Verses for familiar tunes -- Quotations about Lincoln -- Anecdotes of Lincoln -- Lincoln epigrams -- Dialogues and plays -- Suggestive programs Monaghan, J. Lincoln bibliography Oakleaf, J. Lincoln bibliography Book, flexible boards, spine nearly detached Publisher's advertisements on p. [2-4] of cover 1 18

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converse with god in solitude

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER II. FBIENPS TAKEN PROM US BY DEATH. Sect. I. The disciples forsook their Lord for want of self-denial. Sect. II. The great evil of selfishness. Sect. Ill—VIII. 1. Consolations for such as mourn the death of their friends. Sect. IX—XI. and 2. For such as doubt whether heaven itself will renew the friendship they have lost. Sect. XII, XIII. or 3. Doubt whether the friendship that is renewed in heaven will be so much the more endearing. Sect. I. We are next to consider, why the disciples forsook their Lord, and what they had recourse to when they left him. The text says, " ye shall be scattered every man to his own." Self-denial was not perfect inthem, and therefore selfishness prevailed in the hour of temptation. They had therefore forsaken all for Christ. They had left parents and families, estates and trades, to be his disciples. But though they believed him to be the Christ, yet they dreamed of a visible kingdom, and were animated by carnal expectations of being great men upon earth, under Christ as a temporal prince. And therefore when they saw him in the hands of his enemies, under the most ignominious treatment, they concluded that their hopes were now disappointed and in their sudden fright seemed to repent their having followed him. They now begun to think that they have lives of their own to save, andfamilies of their own to mind, and business of their own to do. They that had forsook their private interest and affairs, and were gathered together for the sake of living in communion with Jesus Christ and one another now return to their particular callings and are " scattered every man to his own." Sect. II. Selfishness is the great enemy of all societies, of all fidelity and friendship. There is no trusting any person in whom self is predominant. And wher...

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