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the origin of pauls religion

This book represents a comprehensive and outstanding treatise in Pauline studies by J. Gresham Machen. Machen's lectures presented in this book were given at a time when Biblical criticism that rejected supernaturalism, Bible inspiration, and Biblical historicity was in full blossom. Many competing schemes had been developed to naturalize the musings of the Apostle Paul and to divide the Pauline epistles in every possible way from the alleged 'historical Jesus' of the naturalistic scholarship fad that was dominant in Biblical criticism at that time. This book represents a complete disproof of many of these theories. Machen’s critiques are devastating. By so thoroughly destroying the naturalistic theories that were forced onto Christianity in an effort to discredit it, Machen not only discredits these theories, he strongly affirms the orthodox tenets of the historic Christian faith in a very scientific manner. Machen, with ruthless logic, systematically tackles several main thrusts of criticism and finds each of them wanting to the extreme. In the process, Machen discredits efforts to separate the religion of Paul from the religion of Peter, and thereby discrediting the view that the Christianity of Jerusalem and the Christianity of the dispersion were somehow different. The author brilliantly shows that in an attempt to 'demythologize' the Bible, naturalistic scholars are engaging in a great deal of myth-building themselves.

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The importance of being earnest : a trivial comedy for serious people


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the dreams of tipu sultan

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on religion speeches to its cultured despisers

A German theologian and philosopher of the 18th-19th centuries, Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher, in his work “On Religion Speeches to its Cultured Despisers” set himself a task to uncover the nature of religion. The first two speeches are devoted to religion in general, when the next define real forma of religious life. Schleiermacher inquires into different aspects of the subject – diversification of religions; negation; it’s identification with feeling; religious life and central points of it. The aim of the work was to demonstrate, that in human soul religion takes a separate place, where it dominates limitlessly, proving that religious sense resides even those who deny it.

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God and the State

He is remembered as one of the originators of modern anarchy, a foe to Marx, and a radicalizer of youth through Russia and Europe in the 19th century. His name has been honored by pop culture of late in Tom Stoppard's trilogy of plays The Coast of Utopia, and on the philosophical playground of TV's Lost, which features characters named for-and often interpreted to represent the thinking of-famous philosophers through history. He is Russian revolutionary MIKHAIL ALEXANDROVICH BAKUNIN (1814-1876), and God and the State is his only published work. Unfinished at the time of his death and rambling and disjointed at best, this is nevertheless a provocative exploration of Bakunin's ideas on the enslavement of humanity by religion, its use by the state as a weapon against the people, and the necessity of throwing off the chains of God-worship. It remains a vital document of the anarchist movement, and is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the upheavals of 19th-century Russia.

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By mixing spiritual blurbs ("You seek problems because you need their gifts") with events in the story meant to convey a particular lesson, Bach attempts to explain our own nature and the nature of what we call "God".
The picture of "God" here, is essentially that which mystics of all spiritual paths (including Christian mystics) seem to arrive at, ie.an all-encompassing consciousness that is beyond description and can't be anthropomorphized in the way that we love to do. Donald refers to this God as the "Is". This particular idea is addressed in passing several times but not harped on (what purpose is there in trying to describe something that can't be described).
The picture of humanity is the main focus and Donald tells us that we are all our own Messiahs, that we are all gods but have just forgotten that fact. Thus, our spiritual challenge is to transcend the illusion of our current physical situation and reclaim our true spiritual identities.

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My Adventures as a Spy

My Adventures as a Spy is memories in a certain interpretation of a British soldier and a spy Robert Baden-Powell who as well was a founder of the Boy Scouts. The book consists of a series of essays concerning the profession of a spy, the peculiarities, adventures and dangers which await for a spy. Although the book is pretty short, it would definitely be read by young readers who love adventures and who are dreaming of becoming spies. Besides, the book is illustrated with Robert Baden-Powell's sketches including his sketches of fortifications which look like other objects like windows, insects, birds etc.

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klosterheim or the masque

An interesting book written by a famous thinker Thomas De Quincey who was interested in German metaphysics which influenced greatly the plot of the book. It would definitely be appealing for readers who truly enjoy thinking on philosophical topics and who want to hear some one else's ideas on this or that subject.

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the principles of empirical or inductive logic

From the preface to the first edition: It will be seen that I have made comparatively slight reference to other, and especially to contemporary writers. In my former works the opposite course was adopted, but for special reasons. As regards Probability, much had recently been produced which was only accessible in scattered numbers of various scientific journals, and every student knows how apt these are to be overlooked unless special attention be directed to them. And as regards Symbolic Logic, the history and literature of the subject had been so entirely neglected that even the names of most previous writers on the subject were quite unknown to their modern successors. By John Venn, a British logician and philosopher of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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