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a heap o livin

If asked to name the most popular and prolific poets of the first half of the 20th century those interested in poetry will definitely think of Edgar Albert Guest (1881-1959), also famous as the People's Poet. His life was difficult and diverse. The first steps in his career are connected with the Detroit Free Press where he worked as a copy boy and then as a reporter. In 1898 his first poem was published and soon his next poems widespread throughout the whole North America. In some ways they resembled the verses written by Nick Kenny as they were also light and romantic. During his life in general he created more then 11,000 poems which were gathered in about 20 books, including A Heap O' Livin' (1916), Just Folks (1917), Over Here (1918), The Path to Home (1919), When Day is Done (1921) and Making the House a Home (1922). The collection A Heap O' Livin' rises such important questions like the role of home and family in our life. Everyone who wants to spend some time feeling cozy and comfortable, will be fond of the lyrics.

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A Martian Odyssey

A Martian Odyssey is one of the best science-fiction works written by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum and will be interested for Weinbaum's admirers and all connoisseurs of science fiction. The writer is worth reading because he was the first among other science fiction authors who depicted aliens and other forms of life in a realistic way. On the pages of his book you will not find monsters or other fantastic creatures. All his characters are thought over carefully, with great love and interest. The book is remarkable for its humor, logic and suspense.

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Notizie degli scavi di antichità 5


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Songs of the twilight hours

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Safet Kuduzovic - 5 knjiga 1. Pravni propisi Dzenaze Namaza 2. Dzuma namaz - Pravni fikhski propisi 3. Odlike i propis Namaza u Dzematu 4. Svojstva Poslanikovog Posta u svjetlu vjerodostojnog Sunneta 5. Svojstva Poslanikovog s.a.w.s. Namaza Od Abdesta Do Zikra

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Gerberti, postea Silvestri II, papae, Opera mathematica (972-1003): Accedunt aliorum opera ad ...

Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

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Lays of Ancient Rome

Something of a mixture, Macaulay's effort at a version of folk poetry based on early Roman history is hardly wonderful poetry but is delightful and from some point incriminating. These efforts fall exactly in the mainstream of rather idealized efforts to resume an authentic "folk" voice. At the same time, Macaulay approaches this work with a relatively sophisticated knowledge of Roman history and Medieval literature. But why Rome and not, for example, Macaulay's England? Beyond the heavy emphasis on Classical literature in Macaulay's Britain, there is also the British conception of itself as a new Rome. Some parts of these poems betray concerns also about social and class stratification of Victorian Britain.

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sun and saddle leather including grass grown trails and new poems

In the beginning of the 19th century the figure of the young cattleman riding with the herds quickly emerged as a cultural icon of America. People went crazy for cowboys, snapping up dime-store novels and sheet music. It was only a matter of time before someone brought together entertainer, singer, cowboy and poetry. The book of Badger Clark appears a remarkable collection of today's best classic and contemporary cowboy poetry.

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flower children the little cousins of the field and garden

Flower Children the Little Cousins of the Field and Garden is a touching collection of poems published for the first time in 1910. The book contains flower poems and colorful illustrations of 82 flowers. All flowers are arranged in the order of their appearance in the garden during the year. Besides, each picture consists of a flower and a child so children would be interested in finding themselves close to the nature and flowers. As it is said, children are flowers in our life and flowers can be easily added to the image of children. Children are flowers and flowers are children. And they make the life wonderful. In the words of God, they are closely connected and can save the world.

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A passage to India

, book, libro, E.M Forster

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