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the reciters treasury of verse serious and humorous

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Prufrock and Other Observations

A first collection of poems by Thomas Stearns Eliot, an Anglo-American twentieth century poet, playwright, and literary critic. Published in 1917. It includes the first important work of the author - a lyric “The Love Song of Alfred Prufrock”, 1911-1913, which gave the name to this volume. Eliot began as a poet of despair, expressing his deep disgust for the world of bourgeois platitude. His poetry has the seal of bitter disappointment with the reality. Eliot creates a portrait of a hero, who lacks his individual traits being a parody of insipid stereotypes of the liberal humanistic way of thinking. “The Love Song of Alfred Prufrock”, appearing to be a milestone of the twentieth century poetry, describes an obliging, deferential courtier, painfully indecisive and stumbling over his words.

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Romeo and Juliet : parallel texts of the first two quartos, (Q1) 1597-Q2, 1599

RBSC copy: Bound with the author's Romeo and Juliet : reprint of (Qo. 1) 1597. London, 1874 26 32

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A roadside harp : a book of verses


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The Bell in the Fog and Other Stories

1905 collection of short stories An American writer Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton, whose numerous works consider themes related to the West, social ideas, and women. In “The Bell in the Fog” the supernatural and psychological combine to brilliant effect: a charming child bears a striking resemblance to an old portrait. Is she a reincarnation of her ancestor? And will she repeat the character, far from angelic, and life of that distant ancestor she resemble? The book also includes The Striding Place, The Dead and the Countess, The Greatest Good of the Greatest Number, A Monarch of a Small Survey, The Tragedy of a Snob, Crowned with One Crest, Death and the Woman, A Prologue (to an Unwritten Play) and Talbot of Ursula.

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The Unnecessary Man

The Unnecessary Man is a short story that was written by an recognized master of psychological fiction Randall Garrett. Here you will dive into inner world of the characters which are wonderfully writtten and in many ways resemle real people. So be prepared to apreciate a wonderful piece of reading which belongs to the pen of a famous writer among whose works it is possible to find the following: The Destroyers, The Highest Treason, In Case of Fire, The Measure of a Man, …Or Your Money Back, No Strings Attached, The Unnecessary Man, Viewpoint, Vigorish and many others.

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The Night of the Long Knives

Thousands of hydrogen bombs, controlled form under the surface of the earth turned the shelter-cities into death traps. Among these cities, in endless dead territories, two wanderers – a man and a woman - were guided by anything except simple humaneness. The plague, the cure and villains – the rescuers of the world.
A story by an outstanding American prose writer, a representative of the “Golden Age” of science fiction. It was published in 1960 and is also known under the title “The Wolf Pair”. This is a small novel, or a long “short story” of a post-apocalyptic anthropogenic world, the action taking place on a rather small territory and all the interesting places which could be visited by the heroes are just mentioned. Nevertheless, this story is one of those which captivate the reader form the very beginning.

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The Radio Amateur's Hand Book

The Radio Amateur's Hand Book was published for the first time in 1922. The author of the book Archie Frederick Collins presents a huge ammount of circuits and techniques which are a must have for a radio amateur. Despite its age, the book presents a huge interest for the modern reader who wants to find out how to construct spark gap and vacuum tube (CW) transmitters and their corresponding receivers.

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The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Jr.

In this book readers will find a wonderful collection of Rubaiyat by an outstanding philosopher, astronomer and mathematician Omar Khayyam who was also a talented poet, known world wide for his philosophical poems. His Rubaiyat is very modern in many senses as not much has changed in the human nature and behavior since his times. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Jr. was collected and put together by an American writer Irwin Wallace. Among some other works which belong to his pen it is possible to name the following: The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum (1902), The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Jr. (1902) and The Love Sonnets of a Car Conductor (1908).

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