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For Love of the King

A little-known play (in the form of a pantomime) of an Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde, best known by his only novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and social satire “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Wilde wrote it not for publication, but as gift to his childhood friend and a friend of the family, Mrs. Chan Toon. For a long time she did not give her consent for the book to be published. The play tells of a charming maiden, Mah Phru, who temporary alleviated King Meng Beng, awaiting of his bride from Ceylon, bearing him two sons.

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From Canal Boy to President

While reading this book the reader gets more and more sure that James A. Garfield must deserve more historical recognition, one might say he’s almost forgotten! Horatio Alger's excellent biography should be required reading for all high school students and all Americans, who should see the country as a land of opportunity, learning that any person may make what he wants of himself! It is a rags-to-riches story that amuses as well as informs. It’s truly encouraging to be reminded that a sincere, frugal, pleasant, and scrupulous man like James A. Garfield, who was brought up in a humble, rather poor family, born in a log cabin, no shoes till he was four, could rise through military and political ranks to become America's 20th president. This is a very special book, where Alger wrote about success principles that worked 100 years ago - as they do nowadays. Thus, any of us can use these principles to achieve what we desire. James A. Garfield reached his aim without compromising his steady personal values or his integrity. It’s strongly recommended for those readers who still believe in the ‘American Dream’ and who try hard to achieve a goal of any difficulty and ultimately succeed.

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The Sleeping Beauty

Charles Seddon Evans (1883-1944) wrote his version of The Sleeping Beauty together with Cinderella, both illustrated by Arthur Rackham. The fairy-tale first was issued in 1729, when Robert Samber translated Charles Perrault\'s fairy tale La Belle au bois dormant. C.S. Evans has developed Perrault\'s story but followed the later version by the Brothers Grimm in giving his heroine the name of Briar-Rose and ending with her awakening and betrothal, skipping the evil mother-in-law who orders her grandchildren to be cooked for supper. So C.S. Evens tells the story in the fullest detail, giving the romantic version. The story starts with the princess\'s parents and the frog; it depicts the work of the servants and what goes in the castle, the 12 good fairies and curse. The advice of the wizards, the destruction of the wheels, the princess growing up, and the demise of the curse\'s reign. Of course, there are some princes that try to break the curse, but only one makes it through!

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Life Is a Dream

Basil is the king of Poland, who hides his son Sigmund in a tower for fear that an oracle may come true. When Sigmund wasn’t yet born he figured out with the help of astrology that his son would kill his wife and cause death and destruction around himself. When the first prophecy turned out to be true - the wife of the king died giving birth to Sigmund - Basil decided to hide him in a tower. Once, he takes him out while Sigmund sleeps to see what kind of man he is, and finds out that his son is authoritarian and hostile like a wild beast. Then Basil takes him back to the cell and makes him believe that everything that happened was just a dream. In this way the name of the play is used directly for Sigmund, but he takes it allegorically. The life he is supposed to lead as a prince can be only his dream. After that, civil war begins, and Sigmund is out to fight, thinking again that he is dreaming, and now he is a totally different man from what he was, because he doesn’t want to wake up and wants his dream to be sweat and friendly. Thus, Calderon, one of the great playwrights of the Renaissance, made the play very philosophic with the help of allegory. So that while reading several questions arise: What life is? Who are we? Is life a dream? Besides the philosophical site, it’s very hilarious classic comedy that is read smoothly without a pause.

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new views of the constitution of the united states

In “New Views” J. Taylor examines the constitutional law of the Supreme Court, being guided by original source material on the intent of the Framers. Consequently he comes to a conclusion that its original meaning was much distorted. In the course, the author reviews in detail the structure of constitutional order of the time. The views Taylor expresses here were new only to his contemporaries, and actually appear to be a return to the views of the men who wrote and confirmed the Constitution.

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a knight of the white cross a tale of the siege of rhodes

G.A. Henty had chosen the tale of a long struggle between the Order of the Knights and the Turks as the subject of this story. It‘s a book of lively interest, and of many eventful episodes full of incident and excitement. Remarkable vivid descriptions, skillfully reproduced atmosphere of the middle Ages and a map of Europe of those times make the reading even more fascinating, especially for the lovers of adventure and history.

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Little Fuzzy

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fairy and folk tales of the irish peasantry

In this charming collection that first was published in 1892, William Butler Yeats has collected all kinds of Irish folklore works taken from various sources. He divided the works into such categories: the ‘Trooping Fairies’ (fairies, changelings, and mermaids); the ‘Solitary Fairies’ (the lepracaun, the pooka - an animal spirit, and the banshee); ‘Ghosts’; ‘Witches & Fairy Doctors’; ‘T'yeer-na-n-Oge’ or ‘Tir-na-n-Og’ (a legendary island said to appear and disappear); ‘Saints & Priests’; ‘The Devil’; ‘Giants’; and ‘Kings / Queens / Princesses / Earls / Robbers’. The book contains many footnotes giving the meanings old Irish words and phrases. "Fairy And Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry" offers a complete insight into Irish folk culture, and it this journey is breathtaking. Many of the stories are quite dark, as that tends to be the nature of lore from this region, but there are also some lighthearted and cheerful pieces that will be enjoyable to read. Everyone who is interested in Irish culture and folklore will find this book very delightful and fascinating.

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a disquisition on government

This book is one of the print collection volumes of the Cornell University Library, and was first published and appeared in 1914. Owing to scan of the texts and Kirtas Technologies, which helped to convert the text to JPG 2000 format, one can find various marginal notes from the original edition on the pages of this volume. A brief sketch of the origin and character of government on the whole and Roman and British in particular.

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The Calvary Road

Roy Hession (1908-1992), a British evangelist and the leader of a group of missionaries from East Africa, was the author of 10 books, the first of which became "The Calvary Road”, published in 1950. By this work Hession draws our attention to the theme of personal revival through being filled with the Holy Spirit, the vital issue of sanctification. It helps to discover that things, we avoid, are able to bring peace and happiness to life, changing it forever. Written with clarity and honesty, concise and simple, it is a delightful, thoughtful reading for all of us, old or young; the book that can become a starting point to Christ and freedom.

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