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Across Mongolian Plains

Roy Chapman Andrews decided to share his impressions and experience after his traveling to Mongolia and North China and the book called Across Mongolian Plains appeared. It was written not from scientific point of view but for the sight of an ordinary person who meets new people, sees new places, opens new facts with his views being changed. The author understands that not everyone in this world could experience the same so he opened the eyes of readers on such place as Asia. We all know that it is Asia is one of the most fascinating place in the world with many mysteries hidden there. Here we can encounter mountains and valleys, fascinating forms of wildlife and amazing landscapes, as well as interesting people with their own traditions and believes, spirit and mysteries.

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Ten Days in a Mad-house

Ten Days in a Mad-House is a book written by newspaper reporter Nellie Bly in 1887. The book comprised Bly's reportage for the New York World while on an undercover assignment in which she feigned insanity to investigate reports of brutality and neglect at the Women's Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island. The book's graphic depiction of conditions at the asylum caused a sensation, brought Bly lasting fame and prompted a grand jury to launch its own investigation, with Bly assisting. The jury's report resulted in an $850,000 increase in the budget of the Department of Public Charities and Corrections.

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Masters of Space

This is a book about great men – Morse, Thomson, Bell, Marconi etc. The tells the history of message-sending since the very beginning, when the primitive methods were used. You will know more about inventing the telephone, the telegraph, submarine cable and wireless phones and telegraphs. This book is an exciting journey to the world of technical progress!

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the mediterranean race a study of the origin of european peoples

In this book, Sergi details how the Mediterranean Race, not the Nordic Race, is the true superior race. The underdeveloped, pale people of the north are savages at best compared to the Mediterranean god-man. The blonde is just an ape compared to the beautiful, bronze-skinned,curley black-haired Mediterranean.

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My Secret Life, Volumes I. to III.

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michael faraday his life and work

Shortly after the death of Faraday in 1867, three biographies of him — each admirable in its own line — were published… But there seem room for another account of the life and labours of the man whose influence upon the century in which he lived was so great. For forty years he was a living and inspiring voice in the Royal Institution, beyond all question the greatest scientific expositor of his time.
A biography of Michael Faraday by a professor of physics Silvanus Phillips Thompson.

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the autobiographies of edward gibbon printed verbatim from hitherto unpublished

The Autobiographies of Edward Gibbon was published for the first time 1896 and describes the life and the work Edward Gibbon. The book would appeal to everyone who is interested in this personality.

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Pères et enfants;

A translation of Ottsy i dieti 26

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The life of Thomas Telford, civil engineer : with an introductory history of roads and traveling in Great Britain

Spine title: Life of Telford Includes bibliographical references and index 14

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my experiences of the war between france and germany volume 2

This Elibron Classics book is a facsimile reprint of a 1871 edition by Bernhard Tauchnitz, Leipzig.

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