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The Heart of the New Thought

The main ideas of Ella Wheeler Wilcox's book are rather simple. But one shouldn't underestimate the meaning of her style. This is a "thought" about a young man, who is learning secrets of a wonderful mythical science - alchemy, which helps to transform stones into gold. It is a metaphor - the author wants to say that if we look in our own soul, we will discover just an enormous fount of strong spirit, will and power - one just should be able to see and develop it. If you are lucky enough to cope with them - you will take the treasure any alchemist ever had.
Ms. Wilcox explains why we need to work over our mind, our thoughts and how we are able to get the desirable thing. She shows how after a serious work on it one would be able to rather effectively and simply hurt, heal, conceal, using the facets of the human mind. The simplicity with which she narrates shouldn't confuse you, as every word she uses with definite purpose and deliberately.
The book can be considered as a perfect companion. It is simple, fair and wise. It is like a close friend who is able to touch your heart and it teaches us to be ourselves instead of pretending someone else. Withal the book can be regarded as a sincere conversation with a man who can give an advice, who has a wisdom to share with. That's why it is not amazing that one would turn to this masterpiece again and again and may be held it near to have an opportunity to reread it once more.
Ms. Wilcox experiences us, in the same time she shows the edges of our individuality, bringing it to the surface; simultaneously mocking at our light-mindedness and opening our potential Power and strength of Spirit. So, she gets an incredible effect playing on contrasts.
Ernest Holmes used her studies while working on his Science of Mind Philosophy. May be well-known motto comes it - change your thinking, change your life!
Anyway it is that sort of things one should think over!

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Psychology of ants and of higher animals


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The Psychology of Management

Lillian Moller Gilbreth was one of the first working female engineers holding a PhD. She is probably the first true industrial psychologist. Gilbreth's work is straightforward and contains many scientific facts. The book provides a real sense of industrial organization thinking in 1914, more than 100 years ago.

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an absolute point scale for the group measurement of intelligence

The purposes of this study are: (1) To construct a scale for the measurement of general mental
ability, such scale being: (a) suitable primarily for administration to the pupils in
grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the elementary school, (b) capable of being administered to groups of at least 50, (c) so constructed that the scoring is both rapid and, as far
as possible, free from the error of the personal factor, (d) built upon the general plan for an Absolute Point Scale outlined by the writer (see Ref. 10). Such construction would involve the “validation” and “graduation” of the tests, the determination of the probable error of a determined measure of general mental ability, etc. (2) To investigate the correlation of the mental abilities tested by the scale.

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Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex

This treatise includes major works of a Jewish-Austrian neurologist, the founder the psychoanalytic school of psychiatry, Sigmund Freud. He was the one who created an original system analyzing the human mental life. This work demonstrates inseparability of our consciousness from the underlying standards of mental activity. The analysis of children’s neuroses appears to be of great interest here, since it faces educators with the problems out of the field of vision. The teaching about attractions, as well as principles of mental life regulation; inquiry into specific facts of every day life, connected with memory failures, etc. The volume is declared one of the best manuals on the theory of consulting throughout the world. It is reckoned on professional psychologists, educators, students and post-graduates of psychological specialities.

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the psychology of the negro an experimental study

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the psychology of suggestion a research into the subconscious nature of man and

This book belongs to the pen of one of the most outstanding psychologists of the 20th century Boris Sidis who is not known to a wide circle of people. The Psychology Of Suggestion: A Research Into The Subconscious Nature Of Man And Society is devoted to the discussion of hypnotism and the detailed explanation of such terms as the Self and the subconscious. The book is a must have for everyone who is interested in psychology and who wants to learn more about the science of mind.

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the foundations of normal and abnormal psychology

This book was written by one of the most outstanding psychologists of the 20th century Boris Sidis. The Foundations of Normal and Abnormal Psychology is a profound study of the development of psychology as a science studying the mind of people. Boris Sidis presents quite extraordinary views of his on the origin of psychology, shows his famous theory of he "moment-consciousness" and pays special attention to the synthetic forms of recognition which are considered to be more advanced and characteristic for the high levels of human self-awareness. The study is recommended for everyone who is interested in psychology and its theories.

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how to eat a cure for nerves

Thomas Clark Hinkle (1876-1949) was the American author of: Doctor Rabbit and Ki-yi Coyote (1918), Doctor Rabbit and Tom Wildcat (1918), Doctor Rabbit and Brushtail the Fox (1919), Doctor Rabbit and Grumpy Bear (1919) and How to Eat: A Cure for "Nerves" (1921).

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making the up grade

This book is devoted to the subject of adolescent psychology and is very useful for both teenagers and their parents. Despite the fact that Making the Up Grade was published for the first time at the beginning of the twentieth century, it still seems to be very modern while not much has changed in the human nature and behavior.

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