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Handy Dictionary of Poetical Quotations

Handy Dictionary of Poetical Quotations was published for the first time in 1901 and since then it has been popular among different readers. The book contains the most prominent citations of mainly English and American writers. The quotations are arranged in the alphabetical order so it makes it very convenient for readers. Moreover, at the end of this book it is possible to find the index of authors and index of quotations. In general, Handy Dictionary of Poetical Quotations includes 2138 quotes.

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The life & works of Goethe, with sketches of his age and contemporaries

Bibliography: p. xii 31

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Pleasant words : containing a choice selection of original poems

On half title: Volume first No more published

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A comprehensive dictionary, English and Marathi

"Sources ... for the materials of this dictionary": p. [xv]

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Old scores and new readings: discussions on music & certain musicians

William Byrde, his mass.--Our last great musician (Henry Purcell, 1658-95)--Bach; the "Matthew" passion and the "John".--Handel.--Haydn and his "Creation".--Mozart, his "Don Giovanni" and the Requiem.--"Fidelio."--Schubert.--Weber and Wagner.--Italian opera, dead and dying.--Verdi young and Verdi younger.--"The flying Dutchman."--"Lohengrin."--"Tristan and Isolda."--"Siegfried."--"The dusk of the gods."--"Parsifal."--Bayreuth in 1897.--A note on Brahms.--Anton Dvorák.--Tschaikowsky and his "Pathetic" symphony.--Lamoureux and his orchestra

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Saint Francis and his friends

Title in red and black Ornamental t.p

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Helps for cataloguers in finding full names

"Reprinted from the Library Journal."

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The life of Francis Bacon

Includes bibliographical references

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concerning the bi literal cypher of francis bacon discovered in his works pros

PERSONAL.TO THE READER:The discovery of the existence of the Bi-literal Cipher of Francis Bacon, found embodied in his works, and the deciphering of what it tells, has been a work arduous, exhausting and prolonged. It is not ended, but the results of the work so far brought forth, are submitted for study and discussion, and open a new and large field of investigation and research, which cannot fail to interest all students of the earlier literature that has come down to us as a mirror of the past, and in many respects has been adopted as models for the present.Seeking for things hidden, the mysterious, elusive and unexpected, has a fascination for many minds, as it ha9 for my own, and this often prompts to greater effort than more manifest and material things would command. To tLis may be attributed, perhaps, the triumph over difficulties which have seemed to me, at times, insurmountable, tne solution of problems, and the following of ways tortuous and obscure, which have been neTable of Contents CONTENTS; (of this volume); FrontispiecePortrait Elizabeth Wells Gallup; Announcements 6; Title Page "The Bi-literal Cypher" 11; (Plates from the book) Contents of "Bi-literal Cypher"; Personal 15; Publishers Note Third Edition 19; De Augmentls, Original Title page 1624 21; Cyphars in Advancement of Learning, 1605 22; Cyphars in De Augmentis, Wats Translation, 1640 23; Bi-literarie Alphabet 24; Bi-formed Alphabet 25; Cicero's First Epistle-Method of deciphering-26; Cicero's First Epistle-Cipher infold 27; Tragedy of Anne Boleyn 29; (Plates from the book); Preface 30; Argument of the Play 35; Keys for Deciphering 38; CONTENTS; PART I; PAGE; Personal-Mrs Elizabeth Wells Gallup 1; Explanatory Introduction First Edition 5; Preface, Second Edition 15; Argument 18; Notes on the Shakespeare Plays 28; Stenography in the tinae of Queen Elizabeth 35; Francis Bacon, Biographical 39; Ciphers 47; Cy

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