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Wuthering Heights

An English novelist and poet Emily Jane Brontë (1818 –1848) is now best remembered for her novel “Wuthering Heights”, a classic of English literature. The book saw the light of the day in 1847, a year before the author’s death, and was not estimated at its true worth inter vivos. The plot of the novel is not complicated on the face of it: there are two estates, one embodying trouble and wild feelings, the second – harmonious and calm living, house cosiness. An utter romantic personage is set at the heart of the narration, which is built on the fateful interweaving of these two worlds. A tragic story of love, strange and destructive passion, of fate, will and human nature, makes us understand that some human laws are eternal, they do not disappear and do not depend on changing epochs.

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Dame Care

Hermann Sudermann was a German playwright and novelist. After working as a journalist and editor he devoted himself to writing, starting with a collection of naturalistic short stories called ‘Im Zwielicht’ (‘At Twilight’). His novels, ‘Frau Sorge’ (‘Dame Care’), ‘Geschwister’ (‘Siblings’) didn’t bring the young author as much recognition as his first drama ‘Die Ehre’ (‘Honour’), which initiated a new period in the history of the German theatre. Another successful drama, ‘Heimat’ (‘Homeland’), was translated into English as ‘Magda’, and best actresses featured in this play. Throughout the 20th century, Sudermann’s plays have been the basis of more than thirty films. “Dame Care’ is a piece of classic literature that is definitely worth reading.

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good citizenship

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What Every Woman Knows

The British dramatist and novelist Sir James Matthew Barrie (1860-1937), best known for his play “Peter Pan”. His plays, “What Every Woman Knows” being one of the Barrie’s most realistic, played an important role in the revival of the English theatre of the early twentieth century. This work, full of humor and irony, reveals a well known theme that behind every man there is a woman who makes him either a success or a failure.

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movements of thought in the nineteenth century

1936 work by an American philosopher, sociologist and psychologist, influential American pragmatist George Herbert Mead. Through his teaching, writing, and posthumous publications, Mead has exercised a significant influence in 20th century social theory, among both philosophers and social scientists. In Movements of Thought in the Nineteenth Century, Mead offers the Romantic movement of the late 18th and 19th centuries as an example of the present and future orientation of human inquiries into the past. Mead’s description of the Romantics’ reconstruction of self-consciousness on the basis of a reconstructed past is a concrete illustration of his conception of historical consciousness as developing with reference to a problematic present.

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false witness

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The Care of Books

John Willis Clark, a noted academic and antiquarian, published this book in 1901 after completing his work on the architectural history of Cambridge. His carefully researched study (Clark personally visited and measured every building he described, and drew many of the illustrations), provides a wide-ranging account of the history of libraries from antiquity to the early modern period. Clark describes the buildings used to store books: churches, cloisters, and purpose-built libraries; the way collections were endowed, audited and protected; the development of library furniture, including lecterns, stalls, chaining systems and wall-cases; and the characteristics of monastic, collegiate, and private collections. The book is generously illustrated, and its approachable style means it will appeal not only to academic historians of libraries, but to a wider audience of those interested in books and reading culture, historic buildings and artefacts, and medieval, renaissance and early modern studies.

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Old and new in the countryside

In the eighties and nineties: Winter in the country-house (from a schoolroom window) The heyday of Rotten row.--The age of Morris-dancing.--The old hall.--The country-town: A poor choice. A back-yard. High street. Those in authority. The rectory. The county families. Market day.--The passing of the old order

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