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the hidden servants and other very old stories

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: Che Bag of Sand /ff thai land of desolation Where, mid dangers manifold, Lost in heavenly contemplation, Iksert fathers dwelt of old, Lay a field tthere grass teas growing Green beneath the palm-trees' shade; And a. spring, forever flowing, Life amid the stillness made. There a. brotherhood, incited 'By one hope and purpose high, Came to dwell In faith united, 'Pray and labour, five and die. SMighty "teas the love that bound them. Each to each, in that Itoild lana, Where the desert closed around them, One dead 'toaste of rocks and sand, Saving tohere, to rest their eyes on, While they dreamed of hills divine, 'Blue, above the low horizon, Stretched the mountains' foavy tine. There could nought of earth remind them, cNjr disturb their dreams and prayers; They had left the luorld behind themf Fett no more its joys and cares. Far from all its keary bustle, Will subdued, and mind at ease, They could hear the palm-trees rustle In the early morning breeze. When the bell, to prayer inviting. From the lotu-built belfry rang. They could hear the birds uniting With them "tohile the psalms they sang. From the earth their labour brought them All they needed— scanty fare. Life of toil and hardship taught them, Though at peace, the cross to bear. This is all their record: never Can Oze hope the rest to know ! Shames and deeds are lost forever. In the mist of long ago; cAnd of all that life angelic dftiher shadow left, nor trace. Save this tale,—a precious relicr In its %ise and saintly grace I This, above the darkness lifted By the truth that in it by. On the sea of time has drifted, And is still our own to-day. Listen to it, it may teach us Wisdom, 'frith its "frords of gold! Let this far-off blessing reach its From the desert saints of old. ...

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The Brock Rollins Stories

The Brock Rollins stories that are in the public domain.

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Mansfield Park

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Twilight and firelight


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Mansfield Park; a novel


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The English Tradition In Architecture

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A Simple Story

The plot of A Simple Story focuses on the feelings and events in the life of Miss Milner who falls in love with her guardian who serves as a Catholic priest. This was a breaking-through announcement as it challenged the religious and moral standards of the society of the 18th century in Britain. Moreover, Elizabeth Inchbald rises such important questions as women's behavior and their role in the world, the importance of education and their way of life which were really challenging and progressive for her time.

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a motor flight through france

One of the non-fiction works of a one of the most celebrated female authors of the early 20th century, famous for naturalistic novels that depicted New York high society, Edith Wharton. A travel book “A Motor-Flight through France”, published in 1908, describes three of Wharton's journeys in a chauffeur-driven Panhard with servants and luggage, the first part taking the reader from northern France to southern France and back. The author offers an account of the French countryside, most memorable visits, various places, a number of churches and other buildings of historic interest.

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With Wolfe in Canada

A popular historical novel by George Alfred Henty a prolific English novelist, special correspondent and Imperialist and the author of well known historical adventure stories. The book describes the events of the struggle between England and France over Canada. When the contest began, the chances of France becoming the great colonizing empire of the world were as good as those of England. Not only did she hold far larger territories in America than did England, but she had rich colonies in the West Indies, where the flag of England was at that time hardly represented, and her prospects in India were better than our own.

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latin american mythology

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