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To save time and effort, please check this page before contacting our customer support. This section will help you use our web-site and downloads service. Please Read This!

99% of playback and download problems WILL be solved if you follow these simple rules:

If you have problems with books, the first thing to do is to download and install some programs from the section below.

Downloading Files: Complete Guide

This manual will guide you through your very first download from our site. What are the "books versions"? How to read books online? Which download manager to use? You will find answers to these any many more questions in this article.

Before You Continue

After you have found the book, click on its title to open the book's description/profile page divided into several sections. Take a look at the section in the head of page named "Downloads".

Versions of Books

Each book in our catalogue is presented in several versions which differ according to their size, resolution and field of application. These versions are listed in "Downloads" section in every book' profile page. All versions are divided into 2 groups: books you can read on your PC, and books that were specially optimized for mobile devices and book readers Here is brief information on what versions are available for download from our site and which version you should choose.

  • 1 .txt, .rtf, .pdf - You need to download books in these formats if you want to read the book on your PC.
  • 2 In case you have a reader, you can download in more convenient format choosing from: .txt, .pdf, .fb2, .pdb, .epub, .isilo, prc.
  • Choose suitable for you format and click on it.

    Software Downloads

    All these downloads are FREE, software does not contain any adware or spyware.

    Adobe Reader   download | official website

    FBReader - e-book reader   download | official website

    FBReaderJ - e-book reader for the Android platform.   download | official website


    Not so long ago we've made user ratings on our site which will reflect your activity on our site. Ratings are added for the books addition, Reviews, comments. When the user have a star, he is given the gift - one month subscription for .umf files downloading.